Miller Residence, Casey Key, Sarasota, FL, 1947-1948 (with Ralph Twitchell)


"All the rooms in this house- built for occupancy six months of the year- have cross ventilation. In the bedroom wing this meant the elimination of a hall in favor of an outdoor walk which is as pleasant as it is practical in the situation. A long overhang, which was no problem in this framing system, shields the walk from above. Cypress was used extensively, with lime block for solid bearing walls and for those exposures which stand against the prevailing winds. 
Extensive use of glass is justified by the architects with the explanation that there is not as much sun in Florida as many people believe. ‘To us what is needed is not less glass but better control of the opening, which we now accomplish by loose-woven fabric curtains, trees, and large-leafed plants and overhangs. We long for a weather-resisting flexible blind which can be used on the outside of the glass to cut down the heat penetration.’ Glass jalousies are used for ventilation, with careful attention given the detailing of the connection between the jalousies and the fixed glass, so that these members never approach the size of a structural column."
"House in Florida." Architectural Forum 89 (July 1948): 100.