O'Brien Motor Inn, Waverly, NY, 1961 Project Not Built


"As in the beach house and to a far greater degree like the Yale student housing, this motor lodge is fractured into separate, but interlocking and interpenetrating components. Like the Yale building, the structural module is not easily read. The elements which repeat do so subtly in an irregular rhythm. It will be constructed of poured in place concrete expressed as such with light brown brick walls. Balconies will be of poured concrete with concrete tables and seats an integral part of the form. Each room will have a balcony and can link with others to form interconnecting suites. All storage will be built in. Brick walls will be exposed on the interior, floors will be carpeted and ceilings will be covered with acoustic plaster."
"Four Current Projects by Paul Rudolph." Architectural Record 129 (March 1961): 147.