Orange County Government Center, Goshen, NY, 1963-1971

265 Main Street, Goshen, NY "Paul Rudolph considers this building his most important current project in terms of the development of his design ideas. 'I am working with Mies van der Rohe’s concept of implied space.' The plans, sections and isometrics reveal a building of spatial complexity, assembled within a structural and mechanical framework of simplicity. The column spacing is regular and both the air-conditioning ducts and light fixtures are in the structural module, tucked under the beams. Concrete slabs frame the short spans which will be free of the clutter of mechanical equipment. Great clerestories carefully oriented to the south or north provide natural light for interior spaces. From the exterior one is able to sense the forms of the rooms within. Its many-faceted aspect breaks down the scale and brings the immense building into a better relationship with the smaller structures which surround it." "Paul Rudolph's Elaborated Spaces: Six New Projects." Architectural Record 139 (June 1966): 136.