Pavilion, 1950 (with Ralph Twitchell) Project Not Built


This project was designed for an unidentified site in Florida.
"This pavilion, of unknown function, juxtaposes two developments found in Rudolph’s work prior to this design: planar boxes of pure geometry and the hovering protective roof, whose shape is derived from an interpretive, visual idea of structure - here the forces of steel in tension. The disposition of the two related boxes, one entirely transparent, the other opaque, is an interpretation of Philip Johnson’s glass house and brick guest house of the previous year. The detached upper roof, shading the structures below from the Florida sun, looks forward to Rudolph’s lattice-roofed projects such as the SAE Fraternity and the Umbrella House."
Domin, Christopher, and Joseph King. Paul Rudolph:The Florida Houses. New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 2002. p. 219.