Rudolph Residence, 31 High Street, New Haven, CT, 1958-1965

Rudolph purchased and remodeled the interior of this classic Victorian Italianate, (ca1855) for his studio and residence. "The office there was on [High] Street. It was on the top floor of a house. Rudolph was designing an apartment for himself in the back of the building. The office was very nice. It was all glass looking out to the rear of the building. The entrance had a stairwell that came up through the floor in the middle of the office where a stairwell would naturally be in an old house. There was always kind of an element of danger in most of what Rudolph did for himself and sometimes for other people. This stairwell came up through the floor. It was just a hole in the floor with no railing around it. The building inspector insisted that he put a railing around it. He said, “I’ll move out of this building before I do that.” He could be very stubborn. He never put a railing around that stairwell." William Grindereng interviewed by Bruce Barnes, 2006