Shute Residence, Siesta Key, Sarasota, FL, 1947 (with Ralph Twitchell) Project Not Built


"A combination of modules has been used, each based on the natural dimension of the material involved. Eight feet has been chosen for the roof structure, because that is the maximum span for 1 5/8” tongue and groove mill construction and it eliminates roof timber wastage. However, the floor plan has been based on a one-foot module in order to use grass matting as a covering. The masonry construction, confined to the fireplace wall and the aerator, has been based on a sixteen-inch module. The coordination of these units creates the design, yet control had to be maintained over the final proportions as a whole. The roof has been treated as one plane. Only glass touches this roof plane, producing the sensation that only the slender columns hold it to the ground. No interior partition extends to the roof, so hat there is a maximum feeling of space. The fireplace wall is constructed of lime block, which is similar in construction to the usual concrete block, except that there is considerably more lime and occala rock in the mixture, producing a much more dense and infinitely better colored block. Florida’s best native wood is cypress and has, therefore, been utilized."
"House in Florida." Arts and Architecture 65 (November 1948): 32-34.