Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity House, University of Miami, Miami, FL, 1952 Project Not Built


"Rudolph’s fraternity divided into two distinct and separate wings. Both are two stories high. One contains bedrooms, the other contains the living area. Between them is a spacious court and cylindrical building containing a glassed-in dining room on the lower level and a chapter room on the upper level. The latter, according to the architect, recalls a 'Druid Circle'; its louvered walls can be closed to provide absolute privacy for secret cabals. The cylindrical unit seems to float on a long, rectangular pool and will be reflected in it.
A specialist in dealing with Florida weather, Rudolph has made his building a big, screened breezeway and has used the various shading and screening devices to create patterns and textures that will enrich the quiet, geometric silhouette of his building. Rudolph feels that modern architecture, with its simple, over-all forms, calls for careful and imaginative detailing to hold the spectator’s interest at close quarters."
"Formal Building for Formal Rituals: A Fraternity House for Miami University." Architectural Forum 99 (August 1953): 119.