St. Boniface Episcopal Church, Siesta Key, Sarasota, FL, 1956 Project Not Built


"For a remote site on Florida’s west coast this parish specified a pitched roof in reinforced concrete. The ribs of the inverted precast double-T roof slabs are extended beyond the continuous glass sidewalls and received by parallel 30–in-high mounds of earth. Fern beds between mounds and glass will be partially screened by the ribs and along with them will act to filter the light. A series of clerestories between the ridge-line extension of the ribs will introduce colored light into an interior featuring an alternately red and purple banded ceiling and walls of shell-encrusted concrete tiles. An off-white stucco exterior will carry spaced ceramic tiles. The parish house unit will be completed in a subsequent stage."
"Current Work of Paul Rudolph." Architectural Record 121 (February 1957): 175.