Ten Bungalows, Hong Kong, 1980 Project Not Built

“Commissioned by Hong Fok Investment Holding Company, this luxurious residential complex of about seventy-five-thousand-square-feet was designed to rest on a steep hill, overlooking Hong Kong, on the Caulun side of Fragrant Harbor. The site, at the top of the hill, is relatively isolated from the swirl of traffic below. The ten luxury units, supported by tall, slender, round columns, have a tree-house character, lifted high above the terraced ground. According to Rudolph, the planners insisted on adding walls between the pilotis, but he resisted the idea, and the project was never built. Although there are many unifying features in the design of the project, each unit has a different layout. The units consist of a number of cantilevered rectangular volumes, overlapping at right angles with one another and projecting in different directions. Inside the units, space flows as in an upside-down house, the entry, kitchen and dining room being on the top level, the living room on the level below, and the three or four bedrooms on the bottom level. Each unit has its own pool, on firm ground. The design called for a concrete frame structure and cladding in white ceramic tiles.” De Alba, Roberto. Paul Rudolph: The Late Work. New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 2003. P. 164.