Tuttle Residence, Rock Hall, MD, 1980-1986

"The house, sheathed in brick and roofed in copper, is organized by two main volumes, which are connected by a long and narrow painting gallery. Rudolph did not propose a courtyard in the original scheme, but a courtyard eventually emerged in the design, between the two volumes and the gallery, and became the magnet of the composition. On the ground level, the north volume contains the double-height dining room, kitchen, and garage, with the guest apartment and the master bedroom suite above. The south volume contains the double-height living room below and the library and two bedrooms on the second level. On the third level above the painting gallery, a long widow’s walk spans eighty feet to connect the two volumes again." De Alba, Roberto. Paul Rudolph: The Late Work. New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 2003. p. 82.