Wee Duplex, Hong Kong, 1994 Project Not Built


"Designed for Wee Ee Chao, this luxury triple duplex sits on a breathtaking, unencumbered site on the peak overlooking the city of Hong Kong. Initially, there was an existing house on the property, which had to be demolished. From the original building, only the eight-to-ten foot stone walls flanking the access driveway were kept. 
Rising high above the ground on tall pilotis, with shifting, cantilevered volumes, the twelve-thousand-square-foot building resembles a giant kite. The swimming pools are also cantilevered, so that they would not be considered ground coverage.
 The structural frame of the building is concrete sheathed in reflective aluminum. White and transparent glass walls form the enclosure. Each individual unit has [its] own private entry courtyard, elevator, and outdoor terrace oriented in three directions. The penthouse is for communal use. 
The Wee Duplex was one of Rudolph’s favorite projects of the 1990’s and he was still working on it at the time of his death."
De Alba, Roberto. Paul Rudolph: The Late Work. New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 2003. p. 96.