Wheelan Cottages, Siesta Key, Sarasota, FL, 1951 (with Ralph Twitchell)


"In comparison to the Coward Residence, the Kate Wheelan Cottage conveys a more pronounced sense of abstraction in the disposition of form and material. Planar block walls of uniform height anchor the two cottages to the ground and to each other. Through the use of open side walls and glazed gable ends, the thin swooping roof reads as an independent form, seeming to float in air. The broad, sheltering quality of the roof is further emphasized in the interior. Freestanding partitions, except at the bathroom enclosure, continue at the same height as the block walls, independent of the hovering canopy above. 
These cottages, designed as short-term rental units, achieve a sense of both lightness and protection. Neither elevated on pilotis nor terraces, they are constructed directly on the ground and continue the idea developed ten years earlier in the Twitchell Residence: a way of living in a minimal pavilion immersed in the benign, though seemingly wild, subtropics."
Domin, Christopher, and Joseph King. Paul Rudolph:The Florida Houses. New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 2002. p. 119.