Wilson Residence, Sarasota, FL, 1953-1954


"This project was designed as an economical alternative to conventional construction techniques for a client in Coral Cove. The Wilson Residence was built entirely of prefabricated paper honeycomb panels that were originally developed by the airline industry for use as lightweight bulkheads. The wall and roof panels, similar to flush panel door fabrication, were delivered to the site and erected in one day by Harold Pickett, a local inventor, and his crew. A module of four feet was used to organize the composition in relation to the panel dimension that Rudolph further developed into a tripartite interior layout. Three twelve-foot zones are delineated in the plan, corresponding to living, utility, and sleeping areas. For the adjacent screened porch, Rose Wilson, a weaver by avocation, designed a ‘sky curtain’ of woven sticks and colored glass to soften the light coming in from above, creating a luminous exterior space for outdoor living."
Domin, Christopher, and Joseph King. Paul Rudolph:The Florida Houses. New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 2002. p. 171.