Program Overview

Our doctoral program provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to become an active researcher in Mathematics Education. After the first 2 years of fulltime course, you will earn a Master of Science in Mathematics Education. The remainder of time in the program focuses on earning your PhD.

Learning Objectives 

  • Explore different approaches that emerge from the study of the research literature.
  • Write original research that represents your contribution.
  • Build the intellectual skills to help utilize future technologies and communication infrastructures.
  • Experience multiple opportunities to enhance traditional scholarly training.
  • Use critical thinking skills to formulate and design solutions to complex educational problems.

Critical Skills

You will develop the skills needed to become a scholar in the field of mathematics education. In the program, you will have opportunities to:

  • Conduct scientific inquiry in mathematics education.
  • Utilize methods of data collection and analysis.
  • Produce new researchable questions.
  • Design and conduct a research study to advance the field of mathematics education. 

Program Structure

The program is designed for a fulltime student to complete their studies in 4 years. Students complete 72 credits. Learn more about our program structure.

  • 18 credits of introductory coursework to develop your knowledge of research tools, methodologies and theories.
  • 18 credits of preparatory coursework that refines and focuses your understanding of the research process.
  • 36 hours of doctoral work, 12 of which are doctoral coursework and 24 credits of dissertation research.