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Transitioning to UMassD

Q: Who should I contact in financial aid?

A: The University Enrollment Center (UEC) should be your first stop for questions regarding financial aid, billing, and registration: 508.999.8857 or

Q. What is the Merit Scholarship?

A. Merit Scholarships are provided through endowed funds from donors. All UMassD students must apply for the scholarships to be eligible. The deadline was extended to May 12 to allow former Mount Ida students to apply. All UMassD students have the opportunity to apply again for next year in January.

Q: How do I secure campus employment?

A: You can search for an on-campus job using CorsairJobs, the UMassD electronic jobs system found on COIN. All UMassD students can begin working as soon as their placements are complete within CorsairJobs. This includes connecting employment forms and receiving email approval. Students may not begin working until their postitions are approved.

Q:Where will Mount Ida-UMassD students live on campus?

A: Former Mount Ida students have been housed in 3 different locations based on their individual expected date of graduation.

Pine Dale - incoming sophomores
Cedar Dell Townhouses - incoming juniors and seniors
Woodland apartments - incoming seniors and graduate students

Students have choices about room selection including roommate, as well as location and room type to the extent of their official expected graduation term as recorded by the Registrar's Office.

Q: What is the Mount Ida Welcome?

A: We are looking forward to welcoming you to campus at a special event, designed to help you transition to the UMassD community. More details

Q: What do I do if I'm being told I have to take more credits at UMassD than I had left at Mount Ida?

A: Students should reach out to their individual departments chairs to discuss courses, credits, and requirements for graduation.

Q: What are the benefits for Mount Ida students in this situation?

A: Due to the size of UMass Dartmouth’s student body and the expansive scope of the university’s academic offerings, current Mount Ida students will have access to additional academic programs, co-curricular activities and support services.


Q1: Will current Mount Ida students need to apply for UMass Dartmouth admission?

A: No. All currently enrolled students of Mount Ida in good standing who wish to continue their studies at UMass Dartmouth may become students of a program within UMass Dartmouth.

Q2: If my major program does not exist at UMass Dartmouth, what will I need to do?

A: UMass Dartmouth will make every effort to accommodate Mount Ida students majoring in all academic areas of study to enroll in comparable degree programs or another major that covers similar areas of knowledge as their current degree.

Q3: Will current Mount Ida students who matriculate at UMass Dartmouth be able to change their major to something that was not previously offered at Mount Ida?

A: Yes. After June 1, 2018, students in good standing at Mount Ida will become UMass Dartmouth students and thus will be able to change their major consistent with the University’s academic policies. These policies require students to meet specific performance standards for the certain programs they may wish to enter as well as minimum performance standards in their current program, for one full semester.

Q4: When can I sign up for UMass Dartmouth courses?

A: Students will be informed when they can begin registering for courses at UMass Dartmouth. Each student will work closely with an UMass Dartmouth academic advisor to map his or her course requirements to complete his or her degree. UMass Dartmouth academic advisors will be available on the Mount Ida campus until the end of the academic year to help answer your questions.

Q5: How will students know what courses to sign up for as the transition happens?

A: Academic advisors have the most knowledge about the requirements and they will provide documentation of coursework needed to complete the degree.

Q6: Will credits for all courses taken at Mount Ida be accepted by UMass Dartmouth?

A: UMass Dartmouth will honor applicable credits for courses taken at Mount Ida.

Q7: Will my Mount Ida grade point average be calculated into the grade point average I earn at UMass Dartmouth?

A: No, it will not. Your Mount Ida grade point average will display on your Mount Ida transcript only. Your UMass Dartmouth grade point average will be calculated based on UMass Dartmouth coursework only. You may share both your Mount Ida and UMass Dartmouth grade point averages with prospective employers or educational institutions as you see fit.

Q8: What is an Enrollment and Deposit Waiver form and why do Mount Ida students need to complete this?

A: The Enrollment and Deposit Waiver form provides UMass Dartmouth with information that allows us to register students for classes and develop an appropriate financial aid package. If students do not submit this form, we are unable to register you for Fall 2018 classes or to review your FAFSA form.

Q9: What if I have an external agency that requires a minimum cumulative grade point average, and only by combining my previous academic record with my UMass Dartmouth record will I continue to qualify for a scholarship or benefit?

A: UMass Dartmouth Financial Aid Office, or another appropriate department at UMass Dartmouth, will work with external agencies to ensure the appropriate documentation is shared to meet their purpose, and advocate if necessary toward an amicable resolution.

Q10: Will my previous Mount Ida academic record be considered in determining eligibility for the Dean’s List at my UMass Dartmouth college?

A: At UMass Dartmouth, the achievement of academic honors, which includes the Chancellor’s and Dean’s Lists, is based on a semester GPA as calculated by the Registrar’s office at the completion of each semester for full-time undergraduate degree students and posted on the transcript. Any prior performance is not relevant, be it from Mount Ida, UMass Dartmouth, or any other institution. For more information and specific criteria, please consult the policy pages for individual schools or colleges in the UMass Dartmouth catalog.

Q11: What is the average class size at UMass Dartmouth?

A: The class sizes at UMass Dartmouth are 28 students on average for undergraduate courses, and our student to faculty ratio is 16:1. Graduate courses typically have smaller class sizes.

Q12: Am I able to do the fifth-year master’s at UMass Dartmouth?

A: UMass Dartmouth and Mount Ida are working to identify appropriate and reasonably similar pathways for Mount Ida students in fifth-year master’s programs.

Q13: Will degrees be issued by Mount Ida or UMass Dartmouth?

A: Students who graduate in May 2018 will receive degrees from Mount Ida. After June 1, 2018, students who graduate will receive degrees from UMass Dartmouth.

Q14: I am a current Mount Ida student who needs or wants to take classes this summer. What should I do?

A: UMass Dartmouth is working closely with Mount Ida to determine what classes will be offered this summer.

Q15: Are there online degree options available for Mount Ida students?

A: Yes, UMass Dartmouth currently offers 12 undergraduate degrees completely online. For a list of these programs:

Q16: Can full-time UMass Dartmouth students enroll in online classes?

A: Yes. Full-time day school undergraduate students may register for online classes that run during the academic year, during winter session, and throughout the summer. Students will be billed the appropriate online rate, and should check with the University Enrollment Center to discuss possible billing and financial aid changes. To see the online class schedule, go to

College of Visual & Performing Design (CVPA) Q&A

CVPA Student Support: 508.999.8824 or

CVPA Q1: How does the BS degree compare to the BFA?

A: Both the BFA degree and the BS degree at Mount Ida are professional degrees. Both focus more in an area of specialization compared to a BA degree, and meet the same standards for accreditation with NASAD.

We offer several BFAs. One is a BFA Visual Design with a concentration in Digital Media (which is 1/2 Animation and 1/2 Game Arts). Two other concentrations are Graphic Design and Photography. Our BFA in Artisanry includes a concentration in Textiles. Our BFAs allow for a student to choose to study a breadth of various art and design areas, or to drill down into a specific area with selected studio electives and special topics courses.

CVPA Q2: What will happen to my credits if I decide to do a BFA in Visual Design?

A: On initial review of Mount Ida degree requirements, we found many classes have direct equivalencies. For example: AX 101 Animation Principles, 3 credits would be equivalent to DES 383 Principles of Animation, 3 credits. While other courses such as AX 208 Acting for Animation, 3 credits, would be equivalent to a Studio Elective, 3 credits. Our goal is find equivalencies for all your studio courses since your curriculum was NASAD approved.

CVPA Q3: Am I required to participate in an internship?

A: It is not part of our degree requirements BUT we have many students who elect to do an internship for credit and we help them find/establish connections in the field.

CVPA Q4: I’m used to small classes and access to my professors. I don’t want to be a number in a large school. How large are my classes and how big is CVPA?

A: CVPA is similar in size to your school of design. Graphic design is our largest area with approx. 30 majors enrolled at each level/year. The average student to faculty ratio is around 11:1 in our studio courses. They are capped at 18 or lower and have regular access to faculty. Our faculty are all practicing professionals in their field with terminal degrees.

CVPA Q5: I see there are two CVPA campuses. Do I have to go to both?

A: We offer classes at both CVPA Main Campus and at the Star Store. Graphic Design, Digital Media, and Photography are housed on Main Campus and Textiles is housed at the Star Store. We offer free transportation directly from the Student Center on Main Campus to the front door of CVPA.

CVPA Q6: I am a high school student just accepted to Mount Ida, am I automatically accepted to UMassD too?

A: UMassD Admissions and Mount Ida Admissions are working together to answer this question. As soon as we have additional information, we will share it.

CVPA Q7: I’m majoring in Fashion Industry Marketing and Management / Interactive Media and Web Development / Digital Visualization / Interior Architecture + Design… and you haven’t mentioned those areas above?

A: Please see a UMassD advisor and discuss what you’ve taken and what you still need. Knowing what Mount Ida students need will help us better understand what we can provide in these areas to meet those needs.


Q1: Do I have to pay for a UMassD online courses or is it part of the $13,600 tuition?

A: If students are completing their undergraduate degree completely online, the cost for each 3-credit course is at the most $1,344.

If students wish to take online courses during the summer or winter session, this is not covered in the guarantee of $13,600. UMass Dartmouth does not allow full-time students to replace on-campus courses with online courses during the fall and spring semesters. Should a student wish to add an online course to their courseload, it is the additional expense of a 3-credit online course.

Q2: If I know what courses I need to complete my degree, can I just register for UMassD online courses.

A: Every Mount Ida student who wishes to complete their degree at UMassD must work with a College representative to ensure that you take the appropriate courses. This may mean that you can register for summer courses to complete your degree, but your UMassD advisor will connect you with the Online & Continuing Education department if appropriate.


Q1: How will the cost of tuition be impacted?

A: UMass Dartmouth’s Office of Financial Aid will guarantee that Mount Ida students will pay no more than $13,600 in annual tuition for 2018-19 (tuition at Mount Ida is $32,300), resulting in all students enjoying a lower net price and incurring less debt. This tuition amount will increase at the same percentage rate as the tuition rate increase approved by the UMass Board of Trustees in following years.

Q2: What about financial aid/scholarships/grants?

A: You will be provided with a UMass Dartmouth financial aid award letter so that you can make an informed decision.

Q3: What other financial information and guidance should I be aware of as I navigate the transition to UMass Dartmouth?

A: The University Enrollment Center provides information for both undergraduate and graduate students including guidance on paying UMass Dartmouth expenses whether you have financial aid or not, and identifies key dates and events important for you to know.

Q4: Do I have to pay for a UMassD online courses or is it part of the $13,600 tuition?

A: If students are completing their undergraduate degree completely online, the cost for each 3-credit course is at the most $1,344.

If students wish to take online courses during the summer or winter session, this is not covered in the guarantee of $13,600. UMass Dartmouth does not allow full-time students to replace on-campus courses with online courses during the fall and spring semesters. Should a student wish to add an online course to their courseload, it is the additional expense of a 3-credit online course.


Q1: Will I be able to get student housing on campus?

A: Yes, UMass Dartmouth has a variety of housing options and can accommodate all current residential Mount Ida students. We offer traditional residences and suite-style halls, and apartments.

When you complete your Intent to Enroll form, please identify if you are interested in on-campus housing and we will follow up with you. Marking that you are interested does not obligate you to attend UMass Dartmouth or live on campus.

Q2: How much does UMass Dartmouth housing cost?

A: There are different costs depending on the type of housing - they appear on our housing website at We also offer the standard 9-month housing as well as 10-month housing and 12-month housing. The 10-month housing covers the semester break and the 12-month housing covers the summer and semester breaks.

Q3: Will I be able to room with my friends from Mount Ida?

A: UMassD will accommodate your roommate requests, and we are planning to create Mount Ida living-learning communities in our residences. You also have the option of choosing a new roommate who matches your housing criteria.


Q1: What are my options for dining and meal plans?

A: Every student living in dormitory-style or suite-style housing on the UMassD campus is required to purchase a Dining Plan. The Dining Plan provides meals and access to any of the residence dining room on the campus, and there are Dining Dollars that can be used at locations throughout campus.

Students living in on-campus apartments do not need to purchase a meal plan, however meal plans are available.


Q1: What Division III sports are available at UMass Dartmouth?

A: UMass Dartmouth is a NCAA DIII member institution, and we offer 12 men's and 13 women's intercollegiate sports programs. UMassD is a primary member of the Little East Conference, with affiliate memberships in the Massachusetts State Collegiate Athletic Conference, the Great Northeast Athletic Conference, Intercollegiate Horse Show Association, and the New England Intercollegiate College Sailing Association.

Our men's varsity sports are Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, Swimming and Diving, Tennis, and Indoor/Outdoor Track and Field. The women's varsity sports include Basketball, Cross Country, Equestrian, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Sailing, Soccer, Softball, Swimming & Diving, Tennis, Indoor/Outdoor Track and Field, and Volleyball.

Q2: What if a Mount Ida student wants to continue playing on a DIII team at UMassD?

A: UMass Dartmouth will make every effort to accommodate Mount Ida student-athletes. Students first need to complete the NCAA Permission to Contact Self-Release Form and email it to both:

They will forward your information to the appropriate coach so they can follow up.

Q3: What are the intramural/club sports/fitness opportunities at UMass Dartmouth?

A: In addition to an expansive fitness area featuring cardiovascular machines and free weights, there are several group exercise classes available such as Yoga, Total Body Blast, Pilates, Zumba, Total Body Workout, and Indoor Cycling.

The intramural sports program features Basketball, Futsal, Flag Football, Pickleball, Rock Climbing Night, Double Dutch, TRYathlon, 5K Trail Run, Bootcamp, Weight Lifting, Water Polo, Volleyball, Soccer, Tennis, Badminton, Trail Walks, Bowling, Kickball, 3-Point Knockout, and King of the Court.

Club sports include Ultimate Frisbee, Rugby, and Cricket.



Q1: What happens to Mount Ida students on a leave of absence?

A: Mount Ida students who have been on leave of absence will need to re-enroll for fall 2018 and be in good standing in order to transition to UMass Dartmouth on June 1, 2018.

Q2: What happens to students who had deferred admission from previous year?

A: Any student whose previous acceptance has been deferred to Mount Ida will be eligible to enroll at UMass Dartmouth, provided that the university offers the student’s planned course of study and provided that the student matriculates no later than fall 2018.

Q3: What will happen to international students with I-20 and SEVIS records?

A: The UMass Dartmouth International Student & Scholar Center staff will be working with Mount Ida Center for Global Connections staff to transfer the I-20 and all other required paperwork.

Q4: What happens to Mount Ida students who plan to study abroad in summer 2018 or fall 2018?

A: Staff from the UMass Dartmouth International Programs Office will be contacting you and the Center for Global Connections to be sure all the paperwork is in order prior to your departure.

Student opportunities

Q5: What sorts of student organizations exist at UMass Dartmouth?

A: UMass Dartmouth has more than 160 student organizations, including student government, media outlets, performing arts, academic groups, sororities and fraternities, club sports and intramurals, and community service to name a few. Read more about UMass Dartmouth’s student organizations.


Q6: Will my degree still be from Mount Ida College? Can I have a new UMass Dartmouth degree/diploma issued?

A: Yes, your degree will still be from Mount Ida College. No, you may not have a new UMass Dartmouth degree/diploma if you have graduated on or before May 2018.


For more information, call 774.929.3000 or email Additional information for Mount Ida alumni will be provided after April 30, 2018.


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