International friendship family pumpkin carving party at

International friendship family pumpkin carving party at UMass Dartmouth October 27

International friendship family pumpkin carving party at UMass Dartmouth October 27 

The public is invited to the Oct. 27 free pumpkin carving party sponsored each year by the International Friendship Family, a volunteer organization which brings together UMass Dartmouth international students and with families throughout the region. 

The party will be held from 4 to 6 p.m. in the Cedar Dell South residence area of the campus. Pumpkins, markers, and carving implements will be supplied, and there will be pizza, pumpkin pie, and other refreshments. Students and families from around the world can talk in an informal atmosphere, and there will be music and dancing. Those attending should dress casually and are encouraged to bring along friends. 

During the event, anyone who would like to share Thanksgiving with an international student will be able to make such arrangements. 

Those attending should turn right at the information kiosk just after the UMass Dartmouth entrance, and continue to the Cedar Dell road (on right). Turn left at the Dell information shack and follow the signs. 

For further information call Paige Gibbs, at 508-999-8886. 

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