SMAST offers cooperative master?s degree in cooperation with Naval Undersea Warfare Center

Cooperative master's degree in cooperation with Naval Undersea Warfare Center

UMass Intercampus Graduate School of Marine Sciences and Technology to offer cooperative master’s degree in cooperation with Naval Undersea Warfare Center 

The University of Massachusetts Intercampus Graduate School of Marine Sciences and Technology (UMass IGSMST) will offer a multi-disciplinary graduate program designed to provide its graduates entree to careers in the marine, naval and ocean technology industries. 

Through the new program, master’s level students will gain the experience and financial benefits of cooperative work experiences in conjunction with the Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division, Newport (NUWC) The program begins in September. 

Professor Brian J. Rothschild, Dean of the UMass IGSMST, says: “The new program is a significant new contribution to regional growth focusing Navy assets and University of Massachusetts strengths on improving our capabilities in ocean technology.” 

Exposure to the Navy lab’s unique facilities and professional staff is just part of the appeal of the NUWC/IGSMST partnership. “The Navy needs a well educated technical workforce to bring new ideas and technology to the fleet,” states Richard H. Nadolink, Ph.D., Director for Science and Technology at NUWC. “ The spectrum of this workforce runs from basic researchers to applied physicists and engineers. This new program, which emphasizes science, engineering and mathematics, will help develop the skilled creative people who are required to sustain the U.S. Navy’s superiority.” 

Professor Louis Goodman, Ph.D., the Technical Director for the UMass IGSMST, says: “As a multi-school, multi-department entity, the IGSMST’s focus is to bring innovative ideas and approaches to graduate level education. This program, which combines traditional course work with applied research and development projects in a co-op setting, is a winner for both the University system and NUWC. Our students will be able to apply their coursework directly to Navy needs. Through this program, NUWC and the Navy will be able to develop a local pool of scientists and engineers who are cognizant of the Navy’s technical needs and have the expertise to address them.” 

The program integrates classroom curriculum and hands-on projects that give graduates the necessary technical background and perspective to successfully pursue careers in marine science and technology. Navy projects at NUWC in the areas of: Marine Robotics, Long Endurance Unmanned Undersea Vehicles (UUVs) and Oceanographic Studies using UUVs will be the program’s first focus areas. 

Eventually the program will be expanded to other areas, including topics emphasizing the transfer of Navy technology and science for civilian applications in the areas of fisheries and environmental research. 

The IGSMST MS students in this program will be able to access NUWC’s extensive expertise in research, development and technology. Students will work with NUWC advisors on Navy projects to fulfill the degree’s co-operative work requirement. NUWC personnel in the program will be involved in the program’s curriculum development and implementation. 

The University of Massachusetts Intercampus Graduate School of Marine Sciences and Technology provides masters and doctoral level education at the Amherst, Boston, Dartmouth and Lowell campuses. Opened in 2001, the IGSMST takes a multi-disciplinary approach to research and education in order to address the complex scientific, policy, environmental and technological issues in the marine environment. With emphasis on the waters of Massachusetts and the Northeast, the IGSMST offers degrees in these concentrations: Integrated Coastal Management, Ocean and Human Health, Living Marine Resources Science and Management, Marine Biogeochemical Cycles and Environmental Change, Marine and Atmospheric Systems Modeling and Analysis , Coastal Systems Science, Marine Observation Technologies. To learn more, visit or call Dr. Goodman at (508) 910-6375. 

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