UMass Dartmouth Accepting Donations for a Community Bicycle Program

UMass Dartmouth Accepting Donations for a Community Bicycle Program in September

UMass Dartmouth Accepting Donations for a Community Bicycle Program in September 

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth is launching a community bicycle-sharing program to assist in meeting some of the transportation needs of students living on campus. The Rideshare program is part of a campus-wide effort to encourage physical fitness and environmental awareness. Rideshare will also assist UMass Dartmouth in meeting its commitment to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection to reduce overall air emissions produced by the campus by 25%. 

In preparation for the fall semester, the University is currently accepting the donation of new and used bicycles. Donated bicycles must be in good working condition or in need of only minimal repairs. 

“The Rideshare program is a community effort towards a more sustainable campus and for cleaner air for our region,” said the University’s Rideshare Coordinator Ben Sherman. 
“We are accepting donations of used and new bicycles to get the program off the ground. By donating a bicycle today, you can receive a tax deduction and really help the students at UMass Dartmouth to reduce air pollution. We are asking the public to please help us in any way that they can.” 

Starting in September, participating students will be issued a key to access shared bicycles available through the Rideshare program. “It will be ideal for students who need to make short trips,” said Sherman. “They could use a bicycle instead of walking or using their car.” 

According to health and environmental experts, cycling is a more intense form of physical exercise than walking. In addition, it is less harmful to the environment than gas-powered vehicles. The bicycles will be used for the Rideshare program during the summer, autumn and spring semesters and will be stored on campus during the winter. 

To donate a bicycle or for additional information, please contact the Rideshare Coordinator Ben Sherman at 508.999.8938 by telephone or at by email. 

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