Mystery authors to speak at UMass Dartmouth April 28

If you're a fan of mystery thrillers, you'll want to be at the UMass Dartmouth Library at 7 p.m., April 28

Mystery authors to speak at UMass Dartmouth April 28 

If you're a fan of mystery thrillers, you'll want to be at the UMass Dartmouth Library at 7 p.m., April 28 to meet three popular mystery authors who are known by their pseudonyms G.H. Ephron and Gary Braver. 

The authors will speak about their books and the writing process. A book signing will follow; books will be available for sale at the event. 

The UMass Dartmouth Library Associates are sponsoring the event, which is free and open to the public. The program will take place in the library's first floor browsing area. Parking is in lot 13. For more 
information, call 508-999-8335. 

Library Associates president Prof. Mel Yoken is planning a "dinner with the authors" at a local restaurant, to precede the on-campus event. For more details, call 508-999-8335 or email 

Proceeds from the dinner will benefit the University Library. 

"G. H. Ephron" is the pen name of two writers: Hallie Ephron and forensic neuropsychologist Dr. Donald Davidoff. The co-authors have published the medical thrillers Amnesia, Addiction, and Delusion in 
addition to Malingering, a 7-part mystery that was serialized in USA Today last fall. Hallie Ephron is part of the famous writing family that includes her parents, screenwriters Phoebe and Henry Ephron, and sisters Nora, Delia and Amy. Before turning to mystery writing, Ephron had careers in teaching, high tech and copywriting. She has published short stories and magazine articles, and her essays have been heard on National Public Radio. 

Davidoff teaches at Harvard Medical School and runs a unit at McLean Psychiatric Hospital in Belmont. He has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. Like Dr. Peter Zak, the main character in their novels, Davidoff is often called on to evaluate defendants accused of serious crimes and to testify in court. 

The two, who are longtime friends, create their books during Sunday meetings and via e-mail. Ephron does the actual writing, while the concept, plot and characters are combined efforts. 

Gary Braver is the pen name for novelist Gary Goshgarian. His most recent work is last fall's Gray Matter, a medical thriller about a secret procedure that claims to turn slow children into geniuses. Braver has also published Elixir, a biotech thriller that has been optioned for film by director Ridley Scott. 

Writing under his own name, he has also published the novels Rough Beast, The Stone Circle and Atlantis Fire. 

Like Ephron and Davidoff, Goshgarian is based in the Boston area. He is a professor of English at Northeastern University, where he teaches popular courses in science fiction, detective fiction, and horror fiction. He is also the editor of Horrorscape, an anthology of modern horror stories from Edgar Allan Poe to Stephen King and other contemporaries. 

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