SMAST Reorganizes

SMAST reorganizes administration of the graduate school and enhances existing partnerships with the Division of Marine Fisheries, NOAA and the fishing fleet.

The School for Marine Sciences and Technology at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth has assumed a new administrative structure befitting its growth from a research center to a full-fledged school. 

“SMAST began life as a research center,” says Director Brian Rothschild, who will continue to lead the school, now with the title of Dean, “but we have evolved, and we graduated our first students last semester. It’s time to go forward with the same organizational structure as the other schools and colleges at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. The reorganization will enable SMAST to accelerate and enhance its existing partnerships with the Division of Marine Fisheries, NOAA and the fishing fleet.” 

Following the conventional university pattern, the SMAST faculty has been organized into departments, initially two: (1) Estuarine and Ocean Science, and (2) Fishery Oceanography. Each department has its own chairperson. Prof. Avijit Gangopadhyay (SMAST/Physics) has been appointed Interim Associate Dean. 

“This reorganization elevates SMAST to the level of a college within UMass Dartmouth” says Dr. Gangopadhyay. “The two departments will create new opportunities to build stronger academic and research programs. They provide independence to the faculty and more choices to the students.” 

“I will work with Dean Rothschild to enhance the quality of services provided by SMAST to its clientele,” Gangopadhyay says, “namely, the students, the regional economy, and our industry partners.” 

Gangopadhyay has been an active member of the SMAST faculty for the past eight years, teaching at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. After receiving his Ph.D. from the University of Rhode Island, he worked as a researcher both at Harvard and at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory before coming to UMass Dartmouth. 

A search is underway for an Assistant Dean of Operations. The Assistant Dean will oversee administrative issues that relate to policy, budget, planning, and facilities.

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