UMass Dartmouth Starts Ruckus: Music Service Available Free to Students

Students can now download digital music safely, legally and at no charge

The Computing and Information Technology Services department (CITS) is pleased to announce that UMass Dartmouth has joined Ruckus, a digital multi-media entertainment network, to offer students a way to download digital music and other entertainment--safely, legally and at no charge. The university joins a growing number of colleges and universities across the country that have made the Ruckus service available to their students. 

Ruckus is designed specifically for college and university students. The network service will allow students to access more than 1.5 million music tracks as well to create a personal friends network to share songs and entertainment interests. Residential students will also be able to access the Ruckus catalog of movies. 

More information is available online at: 

"UMass Dartmouth can now provide students with legal music and a social network," said Donna Massano, Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology. 

"All of this will enhance UMass Dartmouth students' experience."

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