Peltz-Steele visits law class at Stonington High School

Professor Peltz-Steele visits a Connecticut high school law class to talk about civil justice

Law Professor Richard Peltz-Steele visits a classroom at Stonington High School, Connecticut

Professor Peltz-Steele visited Stonington High School in Pawcatuck, Connecticut, today to talk about the civil justice system.  Peltz-Steele talked to students about the fundamentals of tort law and answered questions about how the U.S. litigation system works.

Stonington (Conn.) High School, Nov. 29, 2016

The innovative law elective at Stonington High School is taught by Richard J. Walter, M. Ed., in the social studies department.  Walter developed the popular class, which covers various aspects of the American legal system, including torts, criminal, property, and contract law.  Walter is also creator and adviser of the Stonington High School Law and Government Forum, a unique student group for those interested in law, government, and citizenship, and in law and government as a career. Walter and his students participate in competitive mock trial and debate, organize voter registration, and sponsor events for Stonington High School's Constitution Day and Law Day.

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