Peltz-Steele contributes article on teaching to ABA newsletter

Prof. Peltz-Steele contributes article to ABA International Section newsletter for legal educators


Professor Richard J. Peltz-Steele contributed an article on teaching to a committee newsletter within the American Bar Association International Law Section.  The article described how to afford first-year American law students a comparative perspective by incorporating into the torts class a study of the New Zealand accident compensation system.  According to Peltz-Steele, "[r]eference to New Zealand throughout the first year sharpens student perceptions of what works and what doesn't in American civil justice."  The article, Bringing Torts Home to America, appeared in the January 2017 newsletter of the International Legal Education and Specialist Certification Committee and is available online.  This semester, Prof. Peltz-Steele and Law Library Assistant Dean Misty Peltz-Steele (spouses) are co-teaching an upper-level seminar on comparative law.

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