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  • Update your CV with each conference, paper under review, publication, grant, and service activity when it happens. 
  • Fill in the categories for your annual review as the events happen. 
  • Think ahead. Take time every few weeks to assess your short- and long-term goals. Are you achieving them? Can you maximize your time more effectively? Is your research agenda moving along with your tenure timeline? 
  • Manage your time effectively. Learn to say "no" and plan your schedule so that you are able to balance research, teaching, and service. The following PDF is a useful article on time management for new faculty: Time Management for New Faculty.  Here is another PDF with useful tips on planning your time.
  • Attend campus events. It's good to be seen at colloquia where your colleagues are presenting work. Go to Office of Faculty Development workshops where you will meet like-minded colleagues for discussion. Go to campus presentations and speakers. 
  • Above all, take some down time, go on vacation, enjoy your families. All work and no play is not a good idea. If you plan effectively, you'll have time for your life also!

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