Faculty Activities Report, Academic Year 2004 - 2005

Name: Marie D. Sauro, Ph.D.  
Department: Psychology

General Comments and Directions  

1. This document was developed by the Faculty Federation and the Provost's office. The material will be used for personnel evaluation. The contract is the final arbiter of all questions. All quotations are referenced to the current contract.

2. According to the Agreement between the Board of Trustees and the Faculty Federation, faculty are evaluated in Teaching Effectiveness and Advising, Scholarship and Professional Activities, and either University Service or Public Service or both. 

3. Subcategories are not necessarily in the order of importance.  Selected examples are given for some categories.  “Each department shall develop a written statement, taking into account the mission of the University specifying the types of items that will be counted within each of the categories of evaluation.  While certain aspects of a single project may be counted under different categories, no single item or activity may be counted in more than one category.”  (page 53)  If approved, please attach a copy of your Department’s statement.

4. Please return the completed form to your department chairperson by May 20.

A.  Teaching Effectiveness and Advising. "Teaching effectiveness based on student evaluation and judgment of members of the Faculty Evaluation Committee.  Academic  advising of students majoring in the department as well as the faculty member's own  students shall be considered in this category." (page 52)

1. Classroom activities.  (For a definition of "contract units," please refer to page 65.)

Fall Semester                                                        Spring Semester

Course Number Enrollment Contract
Fall 04   Unit
Psy 30501 10 3
Psy 30502 30 3
Psy 505 19 3
Fall04 Total Units   9
Course Number Enrollment Contract
Spring 05   Units
Psy 30501 33 3
Psy 30502 12 3
Psy 501 16 3
Spr05 Total Units   9
 Total Units

2. Assigned non-classroom Activities.  (List number of contract units from which you were released.)  Specify the number and type of students supervised (honors, senior or graduate projects, research assistance, Master theses, Ph.D. dissertations, etc.) associated with the release time.

See "Advising Activities"

3. Course improvements and innovations undertaken.

  • Participated in course on WEBCT platform during Intersession
  • Used Course Builder to implement several on-line lectures for PSY 305 and 501

4. Research and development of new courses, new preparations, or curriculum development. 


Psy 305: Revised lectures and utilized animated on-line demonstrations of various physiological processes

Psy 505: Revised lectures


Psy 501: Attended 5 day seminar over the summer on latest advances in psychopharmacology and completely revised material, incorporated state-of-the-art information into lectures.

5. Other activities related to teaching effectiveness. 

6. Evidence relating to teaching effectiveness.  An example would be peer review.

  • See attached letter from Professor Amy Shapiro                       
  • Student evaluations: 


Psy 305-01: Mean score Q1-6: 4.57

Mean score Q7 (Overall ability of instructor): 4.43

Psy 305-02: Mean score Q1-6: 4.58

Mean score Q7 (Overall ability of instructor): 4.57

Psy 505-01: Mean score Q1-6: 4.47

Mean score Q7 (Overall ability of instructor): 4.43


Psy 305-01: Mean score Q1-6: do not have yet

Mean score Q7 (Overall ability of instructor): do not have yet

Psy 305-02: Mean score Q1-6: do not have yet

Mean score Q7 (Overall ability of instructor): do not have yet

Psy 501-01: Mean score Q1-6: do not have yet

Mean score Q7 (Overall ability of instructor): do not have yet

7. Advising activities. Examples would include classroom students, senior or master project or thesis, doctoral dissertation, and academic advisement of departmental majors.    

Academic Year 04-05

2 graduate student thesis advisees (Major advisor for 1, Committee Member for 1 other) 2 undergraduate independent study students 1 undergraduate Honor’s Thesis advisee Sponsored 1 undergraduate research poster at Psi Chi Student Research Symposium Wrote 9 letters of recommendation for undergraduate students admission to graduate school and jobs. Wrote 2 letters of recommendation for graduate student internships Reader for clinical psychology M.A. students comprehensive examinations 2 Women’s Studies Minor Advisees Advised 16 freshman and transfer psychology majors

B. Scholarship and Professional Activities. "Scholarship may include research, publication, and creative activities, peer review and scholarly consultation. Professional activities may include office in professional organizations, attendance at professional meetings and seminars, and professional development efforts." (page 52)

1. Publication. Examples include publications, musical compositions, artistic works, engineering designs, Software construction, reports, seminars, and work presented. Please provide citation.

Articles published in peer-reviewed journals:

Sauro, MD, Jorgensen, RS, Gelling, P, Schum, JL, and Ewart, CK.  Sociotropic cognition moderates stress-induced cardiovascular responsiveness through effects on total periphera resistance, but not cardiac output in women.  International  Journal of Psychophysiology, 56, 55-64 (2005).

Sauro, MD and Greenberg, R.  Endogenous opiates and the placebo effect: A meta-analysis. Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 58, 115-120 (2005).

Manuscripts in press in peer-reviewed journals:

Megna, JL, Devitt, PJ, Sauro, M, and Wade, M.  A Study of Atypical Antipsychotic Polypharmacy             in the Severely and Persistently Mentally Ill. Psychiatric Services (2005).

Manuscripts under review in peer-reviewed journals:

Schum, JL, Jorgensen, RS, and Sauro, MD. Sociotropy and its relationship with interpersonal stress. Psychosomatic Medicine (Submitted, 2004).

Manuscripts in progress (to be submitted to peer-reviewed journals):

Sauro, MD.  Predictors of  cardiac rehabilitation attendance in minority and Caucasian women.        (2005). To be submitted to Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation.

Sauro, MD, Jorgensen, RS, Gelling, P, Schum, JL, and Ewart, CK. Effects of interpersonal stress on cortisol secretion and memory function in young women. (2005).  To be submitted to Neuroscience Letters.

Pedlow, CT, Carey, MP, and Sauro, MD. Women's need for approval and sexual risk behavior. (2005). To be submitted to Annals of Behavioral Medicine.

Conference Presentations (peer-reviewed abstracts):

Sauro, MD, Jorgensen, RS, Gelling, P, Schum, JL, and Ewart, CK. Cognitive Mindset and Cardiovascular Reactivity to Social Stress in Women. (Abstract) Association for the Advancement of Behavior Therapy Annual Meeting, 11/04.

Sauro, MD. Predictors of cardiac rehabilitation attendance in minority and Caucasian women. (Abstract) Society for Behavioral Medicine, 26th Annual Meeting, 4/05.

2. Ongoing creative work, scholarly or research projects in progress. Examples include funded and unfunded research, grants and contracts. Please explain work and expected date of completion.


Title: Project C.A.R.E. for Women

Dates: 2004-2005

Source: UMass Dartmouth Healey Grant

Amount: $3,000 (Completed)

Description of project: This pilot study examined differences in experiences, expectations and perceptions between women who participated in outpatient CR following a cardiac event and those who did not.Women previously hospitalized for a cardiac event were recruited via local newspaper advertisements, and interviewed about their aftercare. Receiving information from a healthcare provider about CR (b = 0.237, p < 0.001), and perceiving one would benefit from CR (b = 0.249, p < 0.001) predicted CR attendance. Non-attendees cited lack of information as the most common reason for non-attendance. Non-attendees reported higher levels of depression than CR attendees (p < 0.05). Latina participants reported significantly higher state (p < 0.02) and trait (p < 0.02) anger scores than Caucasian women. Also, Latinas reported a significantly higher number of cardiac events than Caucasian women before being prescribed CR (p < 0.001). Defining and understanding factors that may act as barriers to healthcare behaviors will inform future interventions that would improve CR utilization, and decrease mortality/morbidity from CVD in underserved populations.


Title: Cardiac Rehabilitation for Minority Women

Date of submission: May 25, 2005

Source: National Institutes of Health AREA Grant

Amount: $193,890 total costs

Description of the project: This study will be an extension of Project CARE, by piloting an intervention designed to improve enrollment in cardiac rehabilitation for minority women. 

Title: Brief Motivational Enhancement Intervention to Promote Cardiac Rehabilitation Enrollment in Women

Date of submission: April 1, 2005

Source:  Foundation for Women's Wellness (FWW)           

Amount: $25,000

Description of the project: This study proposes to pilot an intervention to increase attendance in a cardiac rehabilitation program in women. We will utilize a motivational enhancement intervention by phone to promote enrollment.

Title: Departmental Colloquia in Psychology Research

Dates: 2005-2006

Source: Chancellor's/Provost's Office

Amount: $1,000

Description of the project: In line with the Chancellor's mission to stimulate the intellectual climate of the university, we would like to propose  a second year of funding for a psychology colloquium series. The purpose will be (1) to disseminate cutting edge research in alls area of psychology, (2) to promote intra- and inter-departmental research collaboration at both the student and faculty level, and (3) to promote the department of psychology to surrounding communities.

3. Professional activities. Examples include office held in a professional society and member of a committee/task force for a professional organization. Please list the name of the organization and activity performed.

Rhode Island Psychological Association, Chair of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) Issues Committee APA Division of Health Psychology Member of Subcommittee on Women's Health Issues Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) Member of Special Interest Group on Minority Health SBM Member of Special Interest Group on Women's Health

4. Awards and honors. Examples include scholarly or professional recognition by agencies or professional societies, critical or peer reviews, stipends or grants other than research grants, and listing in public and private collections. Please list the name of the organization and activity recognized.

5. Professional activities in support of research and publication. Examples include editor or referee of scholarly journals, manuscript review, music adjudication or editing, and judging competitions.

  • Ad hoc Reviewer, Journal of Behavioral Medicine
  • Ad hoc Reviewer, Annals of Behavioral Medicine
  • Ad hoc Reviewer, Neuroscience Letters

6. Scholarly consultation activities.  Please note agency for whom the consultation was performed and the scholarly or creative product of the activity.

7. Professional development.  Examples include further course work in the discipline, attendance at professional meetings, and proposals submitted for external funding.

  • Attended symposium on graduate student education in health psychology an behavioral medicine at Society for Behavioral Medicine 26th Annual Meeting

C. University Service. "University service may include service to the department, college, university, university system, participation in structured programs such as freshman advising, transfer student advising, advising centers, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary program advising, advising student organizations, clubs, etc." (page 52)

1. Service to the department. Examples include department chairperson; recruitment, curriculum, and other committee participation; liaison with other departments, agencies, and organizations; program direction or coordination; student admission, registration, and orientation; interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary programs.


  • Department of Psychology Faculty Recruitment Committee
  • Department of Psychology Graduate Curriculum Committee
  • Department of Psychology Graduate Admissions Committee (Clinical and General Programs)
  • Department of Psychology Psi Chi Co-Advisor
  • Department of Psychology Eastern Psychological Assoc. Liaison
  • Department of Psychology New England Psychological Assoc. Liaison and Graduate student recruitment

2. Service to the college. Examples include committee participation, service on the Academic Council, program direction or coordination, and participation in other college activities.

  • Committee examining feasibility of a Ph.D. program in Health Psychology
  • Executive Advisory Committee Member, Women's Studies Program

3. Service to the university. Examples include service on university-wide task forces or committees, service to the Faculty Federation or to the Faculty Senate, program direction or coordination, and advising activities for the academic advising center.

  • Invited Speaker, "Girls in Social Margins, Girls in Conflict with the Law:  A Regional Conference of Scholars, Providers, Advocates, and Policymakers." (May 4, 2005, Fall River, MA; Sponsored by a Chancellor's Public Service Award)

4. Other academic service. Examples include student club advisement and other miscellaneous items.  Please submit a description of the kind, amount and dates of service.

D. Public Service. "Public service may include participation in community affairs and consultation associated with one's area of professional competence."  (page 52)

1. Participation in community affairs. Examples include leadership activities such as board member, officer, or committee chairperson; membership in public cultural, intellectual and charitable organizations; collaborative work with K-12 school systems. Please provide the name of the agency and work performed.

  • Rhode Island Psychological Association: Chairperson, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) Issues Committee: In process of developing diversity training workshops for psychologists
  • Featured in newspaper articles on (1) stress and the holidays and (2) stress and final exams in college students, New Bedford Standard Times
  • Featured in a newspaper article on APA's stand on gay marriage as it relates to gay marriage legislation in RI

2. Consultation associated with one's area of professional competence. Examples include contract or volunteer work for public institutions or groups. Please provide the name of the agency and the work performed.