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Associate Professor, Adult NursingSusan Hunter Revell 


PhD, University of Rhode Island, North Kingston, RI
MS, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, North Dartmouth, MA
BS, Fitchburg State College, Fitchburg, MA

Research Interests

  • Living with traumatic spinal cord injury
  • Subjective well-being
  • Symptom clusters in SCI
  • Teaching with technology
  • Millennial learners
  • Nursing theory
  • Knowledge generation

Selected Publications

McCurry, M.K., & Hunter Revell, S.M. (in press.)
Partners in family caregiving: A conceptual framework.
The Journal of Theory Construction & Testing. 

Hunter Revell, S.M. (2013)
Making meaning in qualitative research with conversational partnerships: A  methodological discussion.
Advances in Nursing Science, 36 (2), E54- E65.

Hunter Revell, S.M., & McCurry, M.K. (2013)
Effective pedagogies for teaching math to nursing students: A Literature Review 
Nurse Education Today, 33 (11), 1352- 1356.

Hunter Revell, S.M. (2012).
Concept maps and nursing theory: A pedagogical approach.
Nurse Educator.

McCurry, M.K., & Hunter Revell, S.M. (2011).
Evaluating the effectiveness of personal response system technology on millennial student learning.
Journal of Nursing Education, 50(8), 471-475.

Hunter Revell, S.M. (2011).
Symptom clusters in traumatic spinal cord injury: An exploratory literature review.
Journal of Neuroscience Nursing, 43(2), 85-93.

Hunter Revell, S.M. & McCurry, M.K. (2010).
Post-flood disaster management and the home health nurse: using theory to guide practice.
Journal of Community Health Nursing, 27(3), 126-136.

Hunter Revell, S.M. & McCurry, M. K. (2010).
Engaging millennial learners: Effectiveness of personal response  system technology with student nurses in small and large classrooms. Journal of Nursing Education, 49(5), 272-5.

McCurry, M.K., Hunter Revell, S.M., & Roy, C. (2010).
Knowledge for the good of the individual and society: linking philosophy,  disciplinary goals, theory, and practice.
Nursing Philosophy, 11(1), 42-52.

Hunter, S.M. (2009).
Subjective well-being in persons living with traumatic spinal cord injury: A qualitative study of personal journeys.
Journal of Neuroscience Nursing, 41(4), E14-E22.


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