Student Publications

Publications by Nursing PhD Students

In Press

Bruno, A. & Sethares, K.A. (In Press)
Definitions, measurement and interventions for fatigue in Parkinson's Disease: An integrative review, Journal of Neuroscience Nursing.

Foster, M.V. & Sethares, K.A. ( In Press)
Facilitators and Barriers to the Implementation of Telehealth in Older Adults: An Integrative Review, Computers, Informatics, and Nursing. 

2014 Publications

Plante, K. & Asselin, M.E. (2014)
Best practices for creating social presence and caring behaviors online. Nursing Education Perspectives, 35(4), 219-223.

Sosa, M.B.,Sethares, K.A., Fisher, P., & Riegel, B (2014)
Factors associated with delay in seeking care for acute decompensated heart failure. Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. EPub ahead of print.

2013 Publications

Lusk, J.M., & Fater, K. (2013)
A concept analysis of patient-centered care. Nursing Forum, 48(2), 89-98.

Lusk, J.M., & Fater, K. (2013)
Postsimulation debriefing to maximize clinical judgement development. Nurse Educator, 38(1), 16-19. 

Sullivan, L. J. & Asselin, M. E. (2013)
Revisiting Quality of Life for Elders in Long-Term Care:  An Integrative Review.
Nursing Forum, May 21, 2013.

2011 Publications

McMahon, M. A. & Christopher, K. A. (2011)
Case study method and problem-based learning:  Utilizing the pedagogical model of progressive complexity in nursing education.  
International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship, 8(1), 1 - 16.

McMahon, M. A. & Christopher, K.A. (2011)
Toward a mid-range theory of nursing presence.  
Nursing Forum, 46(2), 71 - 82.