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Susan J. Leclair, Ph.D., CLS(NCA)


"A favorite quote is from Eric Hoffer who said, ‘In times of change, learners inherit the earth while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.’ In medical laboratory science every day brings new learning and new things to try. The only thing that equals the rate of professional growth is your own personal enrichment."

Professional Interests

Clinical Hematology and Oncology, Human Genetics, Bioethics

Recent Professional Activities

2001 - 2008
Editor-in Chief, CLS, ASCLS Professional Journal

1999 - present
Creator and Director, Response Team, ASCLS Consumer Laboratory Testing Information Web Page

University Service

2003 - 2007
President, Faculty Senate

1998 - 2003
Secretary, Faculty Senate

1995 - present
Coordinator, Faculty Senate Brown Bag Lecture Series


Leclair SJ. Ethics - Problems for today. Clin Lab Sci. January 2008.

Leclair SJ. Respect and responsibility: with apologies to Jane Austen. (editorial) Clin Lab Sci. 2007. 20; 4: 196-8.

Griffith JT, Leclair SJ. DNA in the Courtroom. Roundtable Symposium Law Journal 1, 1; 62-109.

Leclair SJ. History is the Present (editorial). Clin Lab Sci 2006; 19:4.

Leclair SJ. Federal Government Impact in the Clinical Laboratory (editorial). Clin Lab Sci 2006; 19:42.

Leclair SJ. Transitions (editorial). Clin Lab Sci 2005; 18:196.

Recent Awards

Robin H. Mendelson Memorial Award for Outstanding Service to the Profession (ASCLS Consumer Web Page)

ASCLS/Kendall Sherwood Award for Outstanding Service to the Hematology/Hemostasis Section of the Scientific Assembly

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Alumni Association University Service Award

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Yvonne Sandstroem Memorial Award for University Service

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