Award Winners and Projects

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Summer Research Fellowship Award Winners


Alma Davenport, Fine Art

Maolin Guo, Chemistry

Susan Krumholz, Crime and Justice Studies

William Nelles, English

Avery Plaw, Political Science

Robin Robinson, Sociology

Kristen Sethares, Nursing

Brian Williams, History

Yuegang Zuo, Chemistry



Anthony Arrigo, English

Christopher Brigham, Bioengineering

Elizabeth Chin and Deborah Armstrong, Adult and Child Nursing

Lance Fiondella, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Kathryn Kavanaugh, Biology

Elizabeth Lloyd-Richardson, Psychology

David Manke, Chemistry

Suzanne Schireson, Fine Arts

Stephen Witzig, STEM Education & Teacher Development


OFD Innovation In Teaching Award Winners – AY 10-11

Shuowei Cai, Chemistry

Kathleen Elliott, Nursing

John Fobanjong, Political Sciences

Harvey Hou, Chemistry

Sivappa Rasapalli, Chemistry

Kristen Sethares, Nursing

Yuzhu Li and Zhengzhong Shi, Decision & Information Sciences

Zhengzhong Shi, Decision & Information Sciences

Brian Sweeney, English

Vinod Vokkarane, Computer and Information Science


OFD Innovation In Teaching Award Winners – AY 09-10

Paul Capaldo , Biology

Eilleen Carreiro , Department of Medical Laboratory Science

Anna M. Klobucka , Portuguese

Lisa Knauer , Sociology / Anthropology

Alan Hirshfield  , Physics

Guillermo Paz-y-Mino , Biology

Shouhong Wang , Decision & Information Sciences

Jia Wu , Accounting and Finance


Undergraduate Research Award Winners - AY 09-10

Robert Darst & Tara Rajaniemi , Political Sciene/Biology

Dana Fine, Mathematics

Harvey Hou, Chemistry

Sandredin Moosavi , STEM

William Nelles , English

Guillermo Paz-y-Mino , Biology

Avery Plaw, Political Science

Elizabeth Richardson, Psychology

Marguerite Zarrillo, Physics

Yuegang Zuo , Chemistry


Multidisciplinary Seed Funding Award Winners
AY 2013/2014

Vanni Bucci (PI: Biology), Yanlai Chen (Math), and Bo Dong (Math)
Project: Model order reduction techniques for patient-specific data inference for gut microbiota dynamics
Award: $31,000

Andrew Revell (PI: Psychology), M. Gloria de Sa (Sociology), and Elizabeth Chin (Nursing)
Project: Cognitive status and health assessment tools for cross cultural community engagement
Award: $25,000

Plaw Avery (PI: Political Science), Brian Williams (History), Francis Rudko (Law), and Dan Braha
(Decision and Information Sciences)
Project: Exposing targeted killing to security: compiling, analyzing and disseminating databases on
targeted killing operations around the world
Award: $24,000

Mark Silby (PI: Biology), Vanni Bucci (Biology), and Christopher Brigham (Bioengineering)
Project: Understanding microbial dynamics to improve biotechnological applications
Award: $22,000

Tracie Ferreira (PI: Bioengineering), Catherine Neto (Chemistry), Sankha Bhowmik (Mechanical
Engineering), and Siva Rasapalli (Chemistry)
Project: Zebra fish in-vivo model to validate pharmacological and biomaterial studies
Award: $28,000

Kristen Sethares (PI: Nursing), Paul Fortier (Electrical & Computer Engineering), and Elizabeth Chin
Project: The effect of mobile self-monitoring on self-care behaviors in heart failure and COPD patients
Award: $20,000

AY 2014/2015

Pia Moisander (PI: Biology), Mark Altabet (Department of Estuarine and Ocean Sciences)
Project: Marine Paleomics - A Promising New Approach for Exploring Biological and Living Marine
Resources Responses to Climate Change
Award: $24,126

Milana Vasudev (PI: Bioengineering), Vijaya Chalivendra (Mechanical Engineering), and Maricris
Mayes (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Project: Non-invasive Detection of Biomolecule Secretion from Living Cells Using Peptide Nanotube
Award: $25,080

Lance Fiondella (PI: Electrical & Computer Engineering), Firas Khattib (Computer & Information
Project: Crowdsourcing of Science & Engineering Problems
Award: $19,999

Christopher Brigham (PI: Bioengineering), Vijaya Chalivendra (Mechanical Engineering), and Tracie
Ferreira (Bioengineering)
Project: Degradation and Biocompatibility of Microbially Synthesized Poly (hydroxbutyrate-cohydroxyhexanoate)
polymer: Impact on Mechanical Stability
Award: $12,100

Alex Teagarden (PI: English), Kari Mofford (Library), Anicca Cox (English), Hilary Kraus (Library), and
Michael Carlozzi (English)
Project: Enhancing Library-Classroom Collaborations to Improve Students' Information Literacy
Award: $21,400

Caterina Miraglia (PI: Medical Laboratory Science), Aminda O'Hare (Psychology), and Kyle Riding
(Medical Laboratory Science)
Project: Perceived and Biological Stress Markers as Related to Student Performance
Award: $18,132