Implementation of Blended Learning for the Improvement of Student Learning

Davis Educational Foundation Grant Project

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Foundation received a grant of $210,00 over 3 years from the Davis Educational Foundation to provide program support to the project entitled the Implementation of Blended Learning for the Improvement of Student Learning (IBIS).

This project highlights the two main goals of the Foundation through a coordinated, collaborative and - most importantly - replicable effort. The project design and implementation is based on best practices and current research in pedagogical innovation that is focused on student learning. In addition to developing innovative learning objects, it also serves to enrich the entire five-campus UMass system and serve as an adaptable model to other institutions of higher education. The support of the Davis Educational Foundation will provide for faculty development stipends and staff support, equipment, software and supplies, and funds to support the borader dessemination of this dynamic yet adaptable teaching and learning model. The devlopment and application of this model will improve student learning both in the courses directly involved in the project and as life long learners.

The grant project includes:

  1. Faculty program to develop faculty experience in implementing best teaching and learning practices in web-enhanced and blended general education courses. Faculty invested in general education courses will be selected for the program and guided collaboratively by the Academic Director of Online Education, Office of Faculty Development Director, and the Instructional Development Team.
  2. Faculty program to develop faculty understanding of best practices in assessment and how to integrate assessment effectively into their courses.
  3. Faculty peer mentorship program to facilitate culture of collaboration and reflection; and,
  4. Dissemination of faculty experiences through yearly conference, Office of Faculty Development website, and Instructional Development trainings to create a culture of collaboration, mentorship, and assessment focused on student retention and learning.