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Orientation is required for all first-year students. You will:

  • explore the campus
  • get to know other students
  • meet with academic advisors to finalize course selection for your first semester

You will receive an email invitation to register for your assigned orientation session.

June 2020 Orientation Dates

  • Session I - June 15 & 16: Charlton College of Business & College of Visual & Performing Arts
  • Session II - June 18 & 19: College of Engineering & College of Nursing
  • Session III - June 22 & 23: College of Arts & Sciences - Humanities, Social Science & Science Majors
  • Session IV - June 25 & 26: College of Arts & Sciences - Undeclared & Liberal Arts Majors and College Now/START

NOTE: You must attend the assigned session for your major. Academic advisors for your college will assist you in selecting your courses for the fall at your assigned session. If you are unable to attend your assigned session, there are two makeup sessions: Monday, June 29 or Friday, August 28.

Required: before orientation

  • Online orientation: you must complete your online orientation prior to attending your on-campus orientation. 
    Go to: myUMassD: Orientation and log in using your UMassD account.
  • Placement testing: you are required to complete placement testing to ensure proper placement into math and foreign language courses. If you have any questions, please email:
  • sleeping bag (or sheets & blankets) & pillow
  • driver's license, passport, or state ID, in order to get your student ID
  • notebook & pen/pencil
  • suggested list of medical items

Special accommodations: students requiring special accommodations during orientation may contact the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: 508.999.8008. Please provide as much advance notice as possible to allow for coordination of requested accommodations.  

The Center for Access and Success provides special accommodations for students with disabilities to assist in their academic success. The services include note-takers, a reduced-distraction test-taking site, access to alternative textbook formats and more. Contact: 508.999.8711.

Special dietary needs: Please make us aware of any special dietary needs or allergies. Contact the Orientation Hotline so we may make arrangements prior to your arrival: 508.910.6497 or

Gender inclusive housing: We have gender inclusive housing available for trans and non-binary students. Please contact Karen Pimentel for accommodations: 508.910.6402 or

In compliance with the Massachusetts legal drinking age and UMass Dartmouth's alcohol and drug policy, alcoholic beverages are not allowed at New Student Orientation. Violators of the alcohol and drug policy will be dismissed from Orientation and could face University disciplinary action, up to dismissal from the University.

Friday, August 30, 2019 is the final orientation session for first-year students beginning the Fall 2019 semester. This session is for students in all colleges, programs, and majors, and provides an abbreviated version of the June orientation.

Once you have deposited with the university, an email will be sent to your email account inviting you to the make-up orientation. Once you respond to the RSVP, detailed information about the day will be provided.

For more information: 508.910.6497 or

Required: after orientation

Complete your new student summer writing project at: UMassD Believes

Your #UMassDBelieves blog posts are an opportunity for you to:

  • reflect on what exactly it is you care about
  • learn about and from one another
  • join the conversation about student life at UMassD

Mark your calendars

  • post to the blog by 8/15/19
  • reply to your peers by 9/4/19 (the first day of class)
  • submit to the Essay Contest by 8/1/19