Meet Some of Our Clients

It all began after reading a newspaper article: Linda Texceira's story

In June of 1981, Prof. Lester Cory's attention was drawn to a front page article in the Fall River Herald News. The story, entitled "LINDA'S WINDOW ON THE WORLD," told about a young woman whose sole means of communication were her eyes. She spelled words by gazing at letters of the alphabet on a Plexiglas board. [More..]

Harold Holt "Laddie" -- Poet with a purpose

While the keyboard rested on the floor, Harold "Laddie" Holt typed with a pointer attached to his shoe. Typing one letter at a time his thoughts slowly made their appearance on the computer screen. His thoughts and ideas became poems. Laddie was the author and publisher of several books including "In The Other Fellow's Shoes" and "As I Am." [More..]