Linda's Education

Linda continued her education with the help of her communication system

Linda Texceira typed with all capital letters and didn't use punctuation when she began using her communication system. This was acceptable when writing messages to communicate with family members and friends. However, Linda needed to know how to apply the rules of grammar if she wanted to pursue her education goals and communicate with larger audiences.

Gradually her writing improved. Then she started writing her feelings through poetry. Linda was also eager to further her education with the help of her communication system and writing ability. At age 22, however, Linda could not attend public education. Luckily, Linda and her parents found an adult education program in Rhode Island. She wanted to earn a General Educational Diploma (GED). To achieve her goal, countless hours awaited her to learn math, social studies, and English, but she prepared herself for the challenge.

An educator almost shattered Linda's dream for continuing her education before it began. On the first day of class, the teacher refused to teach a student with a disability. She also feared that Linda would disrupt the other students with her occasional and uncontrollable vocalizations. However, after a meeting between the Texceiras and the school, Linda joined her fellow students. In 1992, Linda received her GED.