A state-issued Handicap Placard allows you to park in any handicap space on campus. For easy access to our services, take your first right after entering campus and park in lot 17.

Once you've parked, call to let us know you have arrived. Our number is 508.999.8482.

If you do not have a Handicap Placard, park in visitor parking lot 5 and acquire a visitor tag from the Parking Services Office in the Campus Center.

Handicap Placards and visitor tags must be attached to the rearview mirror.

More information

For appointment with Client Services (evaluation/demonstration):

  • From the single handicap parking space in lot 17 facing the cream colored modular buildings, use the sidewalk straight ahead and come to Modular Building #3.
  • Please use the main entrance on the far left side of the building where the ramp is located.

For equipment pick-up:

  • Proceed to parking lot 17 and use the loading dock.

For appointment at the Rehabilitation Lab and Computer Lab:

  • From the multiple handicap parking area in lot 17 facing the cement buildings, use the sidewalk to the right and enter the Science and Engineering building at the door nearest the green sign.
  • Go straight down the corridor to the elevator or stairway on the right.
  • Go up one level (to 2L or 2 Lower). The Rehabilitation and Computer Labs are located behind the first door on the right: Room 225.

Getting here by bus

Southeastern Regional Transit Authority (SRTA) is the bus line that stops at UMass Dartmouth. It goes to and from Fall River and New Bedford, affording access to the Star Store and the international program in Fall River. SRTA Bus: New Bedford & Fall River