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As UMass Dartmouth prepares to break ground on its new $134 million housing and dining facilities, there will be changes in parking to accommodate the construction site. As of Monday, October 29, Parking Lots 7, 7A, and 8 were closed and new lots were identified for different groups. 

Map of campus indicating parking lots

Where do I park?

  • First and Second Year Students: A, B, J
  • Woodlands Residents: 9, 10, 13a, 14a, ring road
  • Cedar Dell Residents: Cedar Dell parking lots, 13a, 14a, ring road
  • Commuter Students: 2, 3, 5, 6, 6a, 13, 14, 15, 16, ring road
  • Staff and Faculty: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, ring road
  • Daytime Visitors: 4
  • Overnight Parking: 6
  • Long Term Parking: A and B (lots behind first year residence halls), J (lower lot behind Pine Dale)

Decal information

With the long-term decal, you may only park in the designated long-term lots (A, B, and J). This decal is for meant students who may not need to access their vehicles on a consistent basis. The cost of the long-term decal is $100. If you already purchased a resident parking decal, and wish to switch to the long-term decal, you will receive a refund of $115. Bring your old decal, your UMass Pass, and vehicle registration to the UMass Pass office. The refund will be mailed to your residence in 7 to 10 business days. 


Campus Community Notification - Parking Lot Closures Effective October 29

The University will soon break ground on a historic new $134 million housing and dining facility. As this transformative project gets underway, we must adjust parking as the construction site will occupy Lots 7, 7A and 8. These parking plans were discussed with student representatives, as well as faculty and staff.

As of Monday, October 29, Parking Lots 7, 7A and 8 will be closed. All cars must be removed by Sunday evening at 6pm. Daily parkers in those lots will be transitioned to other locations. In preparation for these lot closures and the corresponding impact on residential students, Woodland and Cedar Dell residents who currently have a Resident Parking decal are being offered the opportunity to purchase a long term parking decal for $100.

If you have already purchased an annual Woodland or Cedar Dell resident parking decal for $215, and wish to elect the long term parking option, you may scrape off and trade in your decal and be refunded the difference of decal costs – or $115. A long term parking decal will allow students to park ONLY in designated areas within the current East Campus Residence parking lots (the lower lot behind Pine Dale and lots behind Chestnut and Maple Ridge Halls). If you have not yet purchased a decal, and wish to elect the long-term parking option, you may purchase a long-term decal for $100.

Staff and faculty parking will shift to Lots 6 and 5 for the duration of the project.

For questions or assistance regarding long term parking and the refund option, please visit Parking Services.

-Michael Hayes, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Campus Master Planning / Capital Projects


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