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Decal types and charges

Resident* Student: $215
Commuter** Student: $165
Fall semester - Dual Enrollment*** Student: $25, Cash only
Long-term decal  $100 full-year, $50 Spring Semester
Students with qualifying disabilities:
Students with qualifying disabilities, who are eligible for state-issued disability placards: No charge and no need to apply for a university parking decal as long as you have your state-issued disability placard. For temporary disabilities, please email
No Charge

*Resident: a student living in university-owned housing
Residential parking decals will be allocated based on the residential address of the student and will be one of three colors.

**Commuter: a student not living on campus
Commuter parking decals will be a different color and will allow students to park in all designated commuter lots.

***Dual Enrollment: a dual enrollment student enrolled in a program at a separate academically related institution
Commuter parking decals will allow students to park in all designated commuter lots.

Parking Decals and Enforcement

All vehicles on campus must have a valid parking decal and be parked in the correct lot designation to avoid being ticketed or towed. Ticketing occurs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

To pay for your parking decal

  • Credit card online
  • Cash in person at Parking Office
  • UMDollars on your UMass Pass
  • Financial Hardship: Once you have exhausted all options including Financial Aid, turn in the financial hardship appeal form.
  • You may apply for vouchers and hardship waivers until the last day of Add/Drop for the current semester.
  • Note: You will need to have JavaScript enabled on your computer's web browser to be able to view the electronic-payment portion of the form. Instructions for enabling JavaScript

Parking Voucher

If you have a balance on your Financial Aid, you may be able to use these funds in the form of a parking voucher. Go to your COIN account, open your Summary of Terms for the Semester and Summary of Terms for the Year. If you have a negative balance, print these pages and bring them along with your UMass Pass to the Parking Office. Once verified, you can fill out a Parking Voucher Form.

To get your parking decal

  1. Have your driver's license and vehicle registration information available—you will need it to complete the form
  2. Log in to the parking decal form using your UMassD username and password
  3. Validate at the bottom of the first page; confirm at the bottom of the second page
  4. You will receive an email confirmation after your decal purchase

Decals will be sold at Parking Services. Bring your UMass Pass, to Parking Services, located on the lower level of the Campus Center, to pick up your decal.

Avoid long lines at Parking Services: Complete your request on or before August 16th.

New students

You must activate your UMass Dartmouth email account before you can log in to the decal form.

Students who are not residents of Massachusetts

Please also complete the non-resident driver statement (PDF), which must be filed with the Town of Dartmouth Police Department.

Motorcycles, motorized cycles, and pedicycles

Cyclists who currently have a parking permit for a vehicle and wish to bring a motorcycle on campus must bring the registration and drivers license for their motorcycle to the Parking Office. You will be issued a motorcycle parking pass at no additional fee. For individuals without a valid parking permit for a car, the fee is $25.00. Please follow the same process as stated above. 

All motorized vehicles must be registered with the RMV to obtain a UMass parking permit.

Proper display of parking decals and other permits

  • UMassD Parking Decal Placement ExampleStudents, faculty, and staff of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth must affix the decal to the inside of the lower left driver's side of the windshield. Your decal must be displayed in the correct location to be valid.
  • Decals may not be taped or remain unsecured from the vehicle windshield.
  • If you are issued a hangtag permit, it must be placed on the windshield's rear-view mirror.
  • Decals and other permits are not transferable to other vehicles, and they must be displayed and permanently affixed on the vehicle to which they are registered.
  • Each vehicle can display only one current decal or permit. Please remove any expired decals.

To avoid towing and ticketing

Effective the first day of classes, all vehicles must have a valid UMass Dartmouth parking decal corresponding to their affiliation to the campus.

All vehicles without proper, current decals or in violation of the parking regulations will be subject to ticketing and fines, wheel boots, and/or towing at the owner's expense. Strict enforcement of parking regulations begins on the first day of each semester.

  • You may park only in the parking lots designated by your permit type on a first-come, first-served basis. Refer to the campus map for residential and commuter parking.
  • Any car parked in an illegal space (such as disability spaces, fire lanes, etc.) will be subject to ticketing and towing. 
  • If you have any questions regarding student parking decals, please contact Parking Services: or 508.999.8121.

Parking services and regulations

Lost, stolen or fraudulent parking decals

All lost or stolen decals must be reported to Campus Police (508) 999-8107 and Parking Services (508) 999-8121 immediately. Any vehicle with a stolen or fraudulent decal is subject to university sanctions which may include suspension or revocation of parking privileges.


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