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Appsian Security Solutions Frequently Asked Questions

August 1, 2022 

Q: Why are we implementing Appsian Security?  
A: For all PeopleSoft customers, UITS is implementing the Appsian security solution in order to provide added security for the users of the PeopleSoft platform.

Q: Why are we using Appsian Security Solutions?
A: Appsian Security solutions will strengthen the security posture for our PeopleSoft applications.  It will enable automation and secure user identities, assists us with governing access, detecting & preventing fraud, and demonstrating compliance with SOX, GDPR and more.  Appsian will consolidate our audit logs and improve our reporting process.

Q: How do I access PeopleSoft Finance?

MYUMASSD > QuickLaunch > PeopleSoft Finance

Q: Who will be impacted?
A: All UMass Dartmouth employees currently using the PeopleSoft Finance applications.

Q: What is changing and how will this impact me?
A: Other than the URL changing, there are no major changes to the Application.  You will notice a new look and feel to the login process for PeopleSoft Finance.  All other functionality will be the same.

Q: What are the Benefits of Appsian Security Solutions?
A: Logs are created for auditing purposes and once authenticated, users will no longer have to log in multiple times.

Q: Can I use the old URL?
A: No, please login from MYUMASSD > QuickLaunch > PeopleSoft Finance which automatically accesses the new URL.  It will be seamless to users using this navigation.

Q: Do I need to update my bookmarks?
A: Yes, as a best practice we recommend you update all your old bookmarks.

Q: Do I have to sign in every time using the new URL?
A: Depending on the applications you use, you may not be challenged for a password into Finance.  This model is changing as PeopleSoft will be leveraging Azure AD to know who is logging into the system.

Q: If I clear my cookies, browser and or cache, will I need to sign in again?
A: Yes.  In deleting your cache, cookies or clicking on the new URL in a new browser, you will be prompted to log in.

Q: What is my timeout for using PeopleSoft Finance?
A: There is no timeout.  However, you will be prompted to sign in after 7 days of inactivity or clear cache.

Q: When I log into PeopleSoft Finance, will I have to use the new URL?
A: Yes.  Effective August 8th, the new URL will be posted to MYUMASSD > QuickLaunch > PeopleSoft Finance.  It will be seamless to users.

Q: Will my other logins for other applications be impacted (Summit, BuyWays)
A: No.  Summit and BuyWays already have the same login procedure. .

Q: Should I activate sleep mode or Lock Screen?
A: Yes.  Best security practice is to always make sure to turn on your computer lock screen or go to sleep mode when you are away from your computer.

Q: What if I can’t login?
A: Contact ITHELP or email as you normally would with any error or incident.

Q: Will I need to use VPN to log into Peoplesoft Finance production?
A: Effective August 8, you will no longer be required to log into VPN if working from home or if you are offsite and away from the UMASS network.  For the Dev and Test environments (Finance), you will still have to log into VPN if not onsite accessing the UMASS network (e.g. working from home)

Q: I keep getting prompted for with DUO every time I am trying to log into Peoplesoft
A: Clear your cache and try to log in again.


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