Active Military Duty Policy

Policy Number STU-003
Effective Date December 17, 2007
Responsible Office/Person University Registrar
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I. Policy Statement
A student ordered to active duty due to national crisis, under circumstances that preclude completion of a semester or session, will be allowed to take a leave of absence from the University.

The University and the State of Massachusetts support the involvement of our students in military service.

The student will receive a 100% rebate of tuition for all courses for which academic credit is not received. Residential Life & Housing costs, meal charges, and mandatory fees will be pro-rated based on the beginning date of the student’s official leave. Students should contact the Student Affairs Office to complete a withdrawl/leave of absence notification form.

The student must present a copy of the military orders to the Office of the Registrar, Foster Administration, Room 117.

The Student Affairs Office will facilitate this process.