Emergency Notification Policy

Policy Number STU-011
Effective Date December 17, 2007
Responsible Office/Person Health Services
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Policy Statement
In emergency circumstances when the health, well-being, or safety of a student or others is assessed to be at risk, university personnel may exercise administrative discretion and notify a third party (e.g. University administrator, external authority, a student’s designated emergency contact person/parent/legal guardian).

The U. S. Department of Education made a conscious decision in 1988 to allow universities to determine whether there is, in fact, a health or safety emergency that justifies university personnel disclosing information to a third party without the student’s written consent.

University personnel consider the following criteria in determining whether an emergency notification should be initiated:

Is the emergency a potentially serious threat to the health or safety of the student or other individual(s)?
Is the information to be disclosed necessary to deal with the emergency?
Are the parties to whom the information is to be disclosed in a position to deal with the emergency?
Is time of the essence in dealing with the emergency?

Contact the most appropriate office listed below if you believe an emergency notification may be needed:
Division of Student Affairs
Phone: (508) 999-8600
Counseling & Student Development Center
Phone: (508) 999-8650
Health Services
Phone: (508) 999-8876 Public Safety
Phone: (508) 999-8107

Student Affairs Office