Immunization Requirements

Policy Number STU-020
Effective Date December 17, 2007
Responsible Office/Person Health Services
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Policy Statement
The University requires that all full-time students and all campus residential students comply with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts immunization requirements policy.

The state law is intended to minimize the risk of a campus outbreak of a contagious disease.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Immunization Policy requires that all full time students submit documentation of:

Two doses of live measles vaccine given at least one month apart beginning after 12 months of age; initial vaccines must be after 1967.
Two doses of mumps vaccine at least one month apart beginning after 12 months of age; initial vaccines must be after 1967.
Two doses of rubella vaccine given at least one month apart beginning after 12 months of age; initial vaccines after 1967.
A booster dose of Tetanus/Diphtheria with last 10 years.
Three doses of Hepatitis B vaccine.
All new residential students must either receive the meningitis vaccine or sign a waiver before they can reside on campus and attend school. All students living on-campus must have these documents submitted to the Health Services Office no later than January 15th for the Spring admission and August 15th for the Fall admission in order to live in a campus residence hall or apartment.
All students living on-campus -full time, part time, Professional and Continuing Education (matriculated and non- matriculated) must comply with all of the above immunization requirements. Note: Non-matriculated Professional and Continuing Education students who live on campus must comply with the immunization requirements; however, they are not eligible to use Health Services since they are not charged a health fee.
All international students and nursing undergraduates must submit proof of varicella (chicken pox) immunity.

Most students have a record of having these injections at their physician’s office or their high school.
If records cannot be found, the UMD Health Services can re-immunize for $15. These immunizations are only available during the academic semester and when special immunization clinics are held. The Meningitis vaccine is not available on campus. Please check with your physician or the local public health department.

Please put the money on your UMASS PASS ID “other account” and call Health Services for an appointment. These immunizations are required by June 1st for Fall Admission and January 15th for Spring Admission or 30 days after acceptance. Please mail in your records by the due date or shortly thereafter. Failure to comply will result in residential students losing their housing to persons on the waiting list and all students will have all their classes dropped from their academic schedule.

The College of Nursing and Med Lab Science Majors must have all the above requirements for both full time and part-time students. Nursing Students participating in a clinical rotation must also have a current PPD. Nursing students (excluding RN-BSN) must have proof of varicella immunity.

The health form is located on the Health Services website. To complete the form, print the page out from your browser, fill our necessary information, and return the completed copy to the Health Services office. A health provider must fill out the immunization section or you can attach a copy of your immunization record.

The Office of Health Services is responsible for communicating the state and University regulations with regard to immunization requirements.