Posting Policy for the Campus Center

Policy Number STU-006
Effective Date December 17, 2007
Responsible Office/Person SAIL Office
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Policy Statement
The posting of information in University buildings is allowed according to the policies and procedures developed by the Office responsible for each building: Campus Services (for Campus Center), Housing and Residential Life (for campus housing), and Campus Facilities (for all other campus buildings).

This policy was developed to help keep campus buildings clean, safe (in terms of keeping paper off of glass areas needed for safety), and to make advertising efforts successful.


Campus Center:

Anything that advertises an event that can be attached to a bulletin board (subject to the approval of the Office of Student Activities). Posters can be no larger than 11’ x 17’. All posters shall be on bulletin boards.

Banners can be up to 3’ x 6’. All horizontal banners are to hung on the six banners hanging wires on the lower level of the Commuter Café. They will be hung on Mondays and Wednesdays by the Campus Center Mechanical Handyman. This will be coordinated by the Office of Student Activities. Vertical banners and a second horizontal banner may be displayed on the balcony over the Commuter Café upper level.

Posters are not permitted:

In elevators
Around elevator doors and buttons
On doors and windows
In restrooms
On walls
On ceiling or floors
In stairwells
Over fire doors, exit sign or any electric light fixtures or switches


For posting in the Campus Center, the Office of Student Activities must approve all posters and banners. This includes their size, weight, physical material, and means of securing. The sponsoring organization (s) must be listed on all materials. The Office of Student Activities reserves the right to control content of publicity devices (alcohol, tobacco, and community standards) as well as language on table tents, flyers, posters, and banners. Bring the original flyer or banner to the Office of Student Activities before making copies, and it will be stamped and available within 24 hours for duplication and distribution.

Off-Campus Use:

Posters for non-alcoholic events held off campus or sponsored by organizations not recognized by UMD are to be hung on the red pole on the ground floor of the Campus Center only.

Personal Ads:
Personal ads are restricted to the ground floor “Community Bulletin Board.”

Time Restrictions:
Posters and banners may remain up no more that two weeks.

Failure to comply with theses rules may result in future posting space reservations or possible mandatory fines, loss of privileges, etc.

Requests for exemption must be submitted in writing to the Office of Student Activities.

Questions regarding the posting policies in the Campus Center may be directed to The Office of Student Activities, Leadership and Involvement (SAIL). Alternatively, questions about posting policies in residence halls may be directed to the Office of Residential Life and questions about posting policies in other campus buildings may be directed to the Office of Campus Facilities.