Courses offered in Fall 2008

POR 481/581/681/781: Topics in Luso-Afro-Brazilian Studies & Theory - "The Mythical and the Sacred"

TUE 3:30-6:00PM

Dion 108

Prof. Christopher Larkosh

This advanced undergraduate/graduate seminar will inquire into the significance of the mythical and the sacred in the Portuguese cultural tradition and its persistent reappearance in the fabric of everyday life. The main mode of procedure for this seminar will be that of an in-depth examination of the following questions: How do myths establish themselves, and what is their role in determining what is sacred to a cultural tradition?  How do cultural agents (authors, artists, etc.) develop their own relationship with myths and sacred objects, images and beliefs? And perhaps most importantly, how do understandings of myths and what is sacred to a society change over time, not only for Portuguese in Portugal, but also for other cultures throughout the Lusophone World, including diasporic and immigrant cultures such as those in Southeastern New England?

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POR 581: Portuguese in the Americas
MON WED FRI 9:00-9:50AM


Prof. Maria Glória de Sá

This course explores the history, culture and experiences of the Portuguese who have immigrated to the Americas. It compares the case of Portuguese-Americans with other settlements in the wider Portuguese diaspora and with the experiences of other immigrant groups in the U.S. Through this case study, we will seek to understand how immigrants and their descendants have dealt with the challenges, opportunities, and transformations brought about by their migration to new lands. Since the Portuguese-American story is closely intertwined with the story of our region, we will be able to answer some of our questions through first-hand research in the local communities. In this course, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the wider understanding of the Portuguese-American communities of southeastern New England by conducting your own oral histories and field research projects.

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POR 521: Teaching Portuguese as a Foreign Language

MON 3:30-6:00PM

Dion 112

Prof. Glaúcia Silva

This course is designed for both pre-service and in-service teachers in Portuguese language education. It offers a comprehensive theoretical and practical survey of methods and techniques used to teach foreign languages. Theoretical and methodological readings will include a historical overview of Foreign Language pedagogy, but the main emphasis will be on contextualized and integrative language instruction, in which language is presented, taught and assessed in meaningful contexts and real communication takes place among language learners. The National Standards will be examined as organizing tools for curriculum development and effective use of instructional strategies. It will be taught in Portuguese and in English, as appropriate. This is a blended course: besides class meetings, the course utilizes myCourses. You need your UMD e-mail account in order to access myCourses (instructions are sent to UMD e-mail).

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POR 571: Gender & Society in Brazil Cinema

MON WED FRI 11:00-11:50AM

Aud 006

Prof. Dário Borim, Jr.

This is a thematic study of cinematographic representations of gender identities and practices within social contexts. Fostering global awareness and artistic literacy, topics include construction of feminine and feminist identities; masculinity and power relations; sexuality and national identity; same-sex and other non-traditional relations of love and intimacy; machismo; and ethnic and socio-economic disparity and alienation in contemporary life under women filmmakers' scrutiny.

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POR 620/720: Fictions of Gender

WED 3:30-6:00PM

Dion 112

Prof. Anna Klobucka

Este seminário visa uma (re)leitura de alguns textos representativos do cânone histórico-literário português, desde a Idade Média até ao pós-25 de Abril, através da óptica centrada na representação/construção do género e da sexualidade. Ajudados por uma prospecção teórica que se baseará em algumas contribuições basilares para a definição e orientação do campo dos Estudos sobre o Género nas últimas três décadas, procuraremos interrogar tanto os próprios textos quanto os seus efeitos e consequências para as questões culturalmente mais abrangentes e actuais, tais como a redefinição contínua dos papéis masculinos e femininos nos campos social e cultural e o questionamento da dominação dos princípios heteronormativos na organização dos mesmos.

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POR 650/750: Figurations of the Reader

THU 3:30-6:00PM

LArts 118

Prof. Victor K. Mendes


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