Policy on Independent Study and Directed Study

Directed Study

Students who wish to take a regular university course in a term when it is not offered may seek to do so through a Directed Study option. However, students must understand that, because the appropriate faculty must be available and approvals must be granted, the option of Directed Study for a particular course is not always available. In Directed Study, the faculty member must agree to provide the student with close supervision, in achieving the same course objectives that would have been accomplished had the student taken the course on a regular class basis. Permission for Directed Study must be obtained from the subject / course faculty member, the student's department chairperson, and the college dean, after consultation with the faculty advisor. Forms for enrolling in Directed Study are available at the Registrar's Office. Directed Study courses will be so designated on the student's transcript, displaying the title of the course undertaken. Directed Study courses are offered at each course level (i.e. - 4xx, 5xx, 6xx, 7xx), in order to match the level of the course of record.

Independent Study

Independent Study, which is faculty-supervised research or readings into areas of study outside the current curriculum, offers students the opportunity to investigate a research topic or readings independently, under the close supervision of a faculty member. Independent Study will only be approved for research into areas of study that do not duplicate the University's current curriculum of courses. The student will be responsible for meeting the requirements of the Independent Study as outlined and approved, and the faculty sponsor will assume responsibility for coordinating the Independent Study, evaluating its results, and determining an appropriate grade. Forms for enrolling in Independent Study are available at the Registrar's Office. Independent Study courses will be so designated on the student's transcript, displaying an annotation of the topic taken.