Suggested Links: Other Links of Interest

  • This is the official website for the Comunidade dos Países de Língua Portuguesa, which contains information, events, news, and other material relevant to the Portuguese-speaking world. 
  • - This site has an impressive variety of poetry and articles from all over the world. Furthermore, it shows prizes and convocations along with multimedia tools to listen and view poetry recordings.
  • htttp:// - This is probably today's best magazine of poetry in the English spoken world. Its 32 Issues can be accessed online free of charge.
  • - "Finnegan's Web" is a site where you can find the full original text of Finnegan's Wake by James Joyce. It displays links to other sites about the author and studies about his work.
  • - "Signo" is a website dedicated to the research on semiotics theories. It is a bilingual site English/French and concentrates relevant essays by philosphers and linguists like Ferdinand de Saussure, Umbert Eco and Jacques Derrida.
  • An outstanding"Silva Retoricae" ("Forest of Rhetoric") hosted by Dr. Gideon Burton of Brigham Young U.
  • UBU Web is a very interesting site of Visual, Concrete and Sound Poetry. It includes articles and comments on many artist and Avant-garde poetry.
  • - The Electronic Poetry Center from SUNY Buffalo is an extraordinary sourcefor XX centurypoetry. Among its files can be found interviews,reading recordings, and news of the latest releases in this field.