Suggested Links: Portugal and Europe

  • - An excellent resource for media in Portuguese, this site features 1,000 pages of teletext, as well as radio and multimedia options.
  • - The website for the Instituto Camões.
  • - This is the website for the newspaper Público, featuring access to online versions of each edition, plus back issues, supplements, and more.
  • - The website for Portugal's Biblioteca Nacional
  • - A self-proclaimed "Biblioteca Virtual", Portoeditora does have an excellent selection of online dictionaries and other resources, as well as access to software related to Portuguese Studies.
  • - This website is home to the company Priberam Informática, which produces the FLIP brand ofspellcheck software in Portuguese. In addition, the site boasts an "online spellchecker".
  • -This website, home to Visão,also featuresJL, the Jornal de Artes, Letras& Ideias online.
  • The official website of the P.E.N. (Poets, Essayists, Novelists) Clube Português, which offers a wealth of resources and activities pertaining to Portuguese poetry and literature.