Module 7. How to certify effort for your project staff with ECRT

Note: You don't have to remember all of this. When you're ready to certify, you can refresh your memory with on-line guides and demonstration videos – easily found from within ECRT itself.

Step 1. Follow the same initial step to login as shown in Module 7.  At the screen that says “Welcome to ECRT” click Continue

Step 2. Find and click the link that says: Certify my Researcher – Group View.

Step 3. The next page(s) provide individual effort cards for each person who works on a sponsored project for which you are the PI.  Please review the list to be sure it is correct.  Please contact your Effort Coordinator if it is not.

The next actions are just like the ones for certifying your own effort. They are:

  • View the effort statement.
  • Determine effort distribution by person for the period (must total 100%).
  • Compare the required effort with the numbers in the Computed Effort/Certified Effort columns of the statement.
  • For each sponsored project:

If your contributed effort for any sponsored project differs from the number in the Computed Effort/Certified Effort columns by five percentage points or more, over-write the amount in the Certified Effort column by entering your estimate of the actual effort percentage for that project in the Certified Effort column.

  • Click the Certify Checkboxes button.
  • Scroll to end of page and click the “Certify All” button.

In the example provided below, please note the blue highlighted rows that indicate that the activity (sponsored or non-sponsored) cannot be certified by you as you are not the PI for the project.  You are only required to certify the activity for which you are responsible

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