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IACUC Information

This section contains information of importance to everyone involved in the use of animals in research at UMass Dartmouth:

  • General statements about the use of animals in research and the importance of this modality to successful biomedical research
  • policies (both governmental and institutional) governing how, when, where, why etc. for using animals in research
  • processes for securing required review and approval of protocols for using animals in research
  • important procedures guiding the actual conduct of research with animals are given throughout the manual
  • and health and safety issues for both the animals and the research personnel are found herein.

Everyone who is involved in any way with the use of animals in research at UMass Dartmouth should be aware of what is contained in this site. Those who are directly involved in the use of the animals should be familiar with all aspects of this site that applies to their area(s) of direct responsibility.

If you are interested in IACUC meeting dates please see the schedule for a list of dates and times.

Any questions about the information contained in these pages, and its application to specific uses of animals in research, can be addressed to the Chair of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee: Dr. Robert Drew, the animal facilities manager, and/or the consulting veterinarian.