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Composition of IACUC

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is a committee composed of practicing scientists experienced in research involving animals, a specialist in veterinary medicine, non-scientists and lay representatives. The IACUC serves UMass Dartmouth, SMAST and the ATMC. Members of the committee serve at the request of the Chancellors of the campuses and are not paid for their services.

Responsibilities of the IACUC

  • The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) has general oversight responsibility for the UMassD animal welfare program and the institution's animal facilities, including satellite facilities.
  • A review of the institution's program for humane care and use of animals and inspection of all of the institution's animal facilities, including animal use areas, is carried out twice a year.
  • The IACUC serves as an educational training resource for the research community in all aspects of animal research and welfare.
  • The IACUC serves in an advisory role to the administration in all matters involving animals.
  • The IACUC has the authority to approve projects involving animals and to require modifications as needed.
  • The IACUC has the authority and obligation to disapprove projects involving animals and to suspend projects if it determines the activity is not in compliance with the PHS Policy, and IACUC Guidelines.
  • The IACUC and the UMassD veterinarian have the authority to observe, when necessary, surgical techniques and other procedures applied to animals.

The IACUC serves as a liaison between UMassD and the community for all matters involving animal research and welfare.

Activities which require IACUC approval are listed below:

  • The use of live vertebrate animals in all research and biological testing projects conducted by anyone at UMassD regardless of the source of funding.
  • The use of live vertebrate animals in any research project conducted at another institution or elsewhere by faculty, students, staff or other representatives of UMassD when that project is sponsored by a grant made to UMassD or its satellite facilities.
  • The IACUC may accept an approval statement from any other PHS approved IACUC.
  • The use of live vertebrate animals in all teaching or clinical or research training conducted at UMassD.

Activities involving the study of animals in their natural habitat without investigator intervention do not require IACUC approval.

Membership Roster

Name Position
Robert Drew, Ph.D Chair, Scientific Member
Amy Hancock-Ronemus, VMD Nonaffiliated, Veterinarian
Tracie Ferreira, Ph.D Scientific Member
Lauran Brewster, Ph.D Scientific Member
Michael Sheriff, Ph.D Scientific Member
Siva Rasapalli, Ph.D Scientific Member
Shuowei Cai, Ph.D Scientific Member
Heather Turcotte, Ph.D Nonscientific Member
Stephanie Pena, MS, CIP Nonscientific Member
Ken Oliveira, Ph.D Alternate Scientific Member
Steven Cadrin, Ph.D Alternate Scientific Member
Peter Bangs, Ph.D Nonaffiliated Community Member
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