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Multi-Institutional Collaborative Seed Funding Program FY 2019

Multi-Institutional Collaborative Seed Funding Program for 2019
Awardees & Collaborators

Sankha Bhowmick (PI:MNE), Caiwei Shen (Co-PI:MEN)
Collaborators: Ruhul Abid (Brown University Warren Alpert Medical School)
Award: $27,855.00
Project: "Nanofiber based actuated drug release for treatment of myocardial infarction"

Ralph Clifford (PI:LAW), Trina Kershaw (Co-PI:PSY), Firas Khatib (Co-PI:CIS)
Collaborators: Jay McCarthy (UMass Lowell), Kavitha Chandra (UMass Lowell)
Award: $4,755.00
Project: "An Exploration of the Existence of Creativity in Computer Programming and its Legal Implications"

Hua (Julia) Fang (PI: CIS), Honggang Wang (Co-PI:ECE)
Collaborators: Edward Boyer (Brigham Women’s Hospital), Stephanie Carreiro (UMass Medical School), David Smelson (ENRM VA Medical Center)
Award: $35,000.00
Project: "iBridge: Bridge Points of Care & Choice from Poly drug use data streams"

Matthew Hall (PI:PSY)
Collaborators: Naomi Caselli (Boston University), Amy Lieberman (Boston University), Jennie Pyers (Wellesley College)
Award: $ $34,601.00
Project: “Do Family Sign Language Programs Help or Hurt Deaf Children?”

Pia Moisander (PI:BIO), Wei-Shun Chang (Co-PI:CHM)
Collaborators: Natasha Dickenson (Naval Undersea Warfare Center Newport), Ranjan Mukherjee (Michigan State University),
Kristina Kamensky (Michigan State University)
Award: $16,229.00
Project: “Effects of novel antifouling methods on marine biofilms”

Michael Sheriff (PI:BIO), Vanni Bucci (Co-PI:BNG) Mark Silby (Co-PI:BIO)
Collaborators: John Haran (University of Massachusetts Medical School)
Award: $31,560.00
Project: “The role of the gut microbiome in mediating individual responses to predation risk”


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