Summer Research Fellowship Awardees 2016

Crayhon, Victoria, Design, CVPA: $ 7,000.00
"Greenland: Landscape + Culture + the Effect on Climate Change"

Kayumova, Shakhnoza, STEM Education, Arts & Sciences: $ 7,000.00
"Systematic Investigation of Social Positioning and Academic Opportunities of ESL Learners in Schools"

Malakoff, Sarah, Design, CVPA: $ 7,000.00
"Interior Portraits"

Robinson, Robin, Sociology, Art & Sciences: $7,000.00
"Experience and Effects of Vicarious Tramatization on Those Who Work with Troubled Young Women and Girls: [Stage1]"

Turcotte, Heather, Crime & Justice, Arts & Sciences: $7,000.00
"Petro-Sexual Politics: The Geopolitics of Knowledge, Violence and Transnational Justice"

Wang, Jing, Music, CVPA: $7,000.00
"Confleunce (A Musical Composition for an Animated Film)"